Annoy Your Dentist By Giving Yourself A Pre-Checkup

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Dental Intra-Oral Camera – Computer USB Connection


New Mini Camera Gadget From China

Click the product photo below to visit the product description page and find out more!Dental Intra-Oral Camera - Computer USB ConnectionDental Intra-Oral Camera - Computer USB Connection
Dental Intra-Oral Camera - Computer USB ConnectionDental Intra-Oral Camera - Computer USB Connection
Dental Intra-Oral Camera – Computer USB Connection

We’ve all been there before. We’re sitting in an eerily comfortable reclining chair… then suddenly stop feeling so comfortable when a halogen lamp goes supernova in our face. An older man, who looks like he just finished his casting call for the remake of “Marathon Man” is trying to give you the most calming smile possible….from behind a mask! …and is standing above you with shiny metals tools in hand and a look of righteous intent in his eyes, while you sit attentively, wondering how safe it really is.

Everyone dreads visiting the dentist’s office. We blindly trust and even empower these individuals with the wellbeing of our teeth… and if that were not enough we then pay them for the pain caused to us. Not the physical pain (there’s beautiful Novocain for that), but the emotional grief and stress caused to us by having a stranger look into our mouths, furrow his brows disdainfully and say “tsk, tsk, tsk, you haven’t been flossing like I told you to!”

Those days might be over with the Home Dental Intra-Oral Camera. Take your dental matters into your own hands. This wonderful dental hygiene tool is a video camera for viewing areas of the inside of your mouth …previously the domain of your dentist. It has USB connection so you can enjoy real-time video playback on your computer. (You can even show your friends and loved ones your personal epiglottis video.) It also takes colour JPEG images so you can show your dentist the next time you go.

“you see doctor, there is only minimal discoloration around my medial bicuspids…”

You never have to sit in that chair wondering if the extra 2 minutes of brushing that morning is enough compensate for six months of chocolate indulgence. Arm yourself, the next time you go for a cleaning, equip your self with digital video pictures.

“and my bite misalignment could be due to……”, [my jaw dropping too rapidly when I saw my dentist bill? -Ed.]

China Manufacturer Specification
# Image Device: 1/4 CMOS
# TV system: PAL/NTSC- 320×240 Resolution
# Horizontal Definition: 380 TV Lines
# Angular Field of View: 45 deg
# Minimum Illumination: 2 Lux
# Scan frequency:
PAL: 50Hz
# White Balance: Auto
# S/N Ratio: 52dB
# Connection: USB
# Power Adapter: Powered Directly via Computer
# Dimension: 215x26x25mm (LxWxD)
# Min Focus Range: 5cm
# Manufacturer Ref.: M207NTU4VKD4
Other Features:
# Included Drivers/Programs on CD
System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
# Snap shot pictures saved directly to computer
# 6 built in high brightness LED lights
# Comfortable hand held design

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2008. | 15:47
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  1. dentist milpitas September 6, 13:53

    That is what modern technology now has progress. It gives the full vision of the mouth of a patient.

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