Giveaway – Free Full HD Dual Car DVR in Chinavasion Blog!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.8.2016. | 17:33

Our blog giveaway finally released today! Join this blog giveaway and you will have a chance to win this D35 Full HD Dual Car DVR.  The D35 Car DVR comes with 2 cameras, the front  one 3.0 MP Full HD and rear one has 1 MP sensor recording at 30FPS. You can choose to record with both cameras at the same time or just the one. When recording with both, you will have 1280×1440 at 30 frames per second on the front camera. With 140 and 178 degree angles, both cameras provide a comprehensive view of the road and no details will be missed in the recording.

car dvr

With this car DVR, you can get protection from fraud or road scams. The clear video feedback and provides irrefutable proof should you need to review what happen on the road. You can easily play the taken footage on the DVRs 2.4-inch screen with 960×240 resolution. The dual car DVR supports an SD card of up to 64GB so there is plenty of room for storage.

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How to join this giveaway?

    1. Go to this Car DVR product page: D35 Full HD Dual Car DVR
    2. Leave a comment on the product page as below.




We will select, at random, one of the comments telling us what you like about this car DVR to be the  lucky winner of this car DVR.

Expiration Date: 2016-09-05

To find out more about this DVR check out the video below.



We are looking forward to reading your feedback and comments.


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author bio 2 Author Bio: Ivy Jiang works in Chinavasion as senior marketing specialist.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.8.2016. | 17:33
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  1. Timothy j boggs sr August 8, 23:21

    Nice kit , I like the fact that there is a rear cam , very important to protect your rear end as well as the front…too bad the rear cam wasn’t wireless.
    Also the fps are important too for me anyway welll thanks for the vid and the give away!

  2. Turaki Auwal August 9, 04:41

    Very nice device. Every part of it is important, but to me, the most important parts are; the screen for playing what is being recorded without the need of using computer, i
    it portability
    and the large capacity of storage.

  3. Rak Ramozano August 9, 16:57

    The best camera DVR for my car I love it.

  4. wilson king August 9, 20:43

    Great device.

  5. Kevin Bright August 9, 22:54

    Well I do a lot of driving on the highways and have come across accidents and bad drivers, this would be a great way to protect and also share some of my experiences on the road ways. Nice outfit.

  6. Daniela Plume August 10, 05:27

    I would love this. I could keep my teenager from backing into things 😉

  7. candoman999 August 10, 10:36

    nice toy

  8. Edmond August 10, 15:28

    Oh my gosh. This really helps to fight against corruption , framing from the police & insurance company. A life saver. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  9. Ricardo Pereira (@Ricky02L) August 10, 19:49

    I love this kind of cams. Always wanted one

  10. todd Hochman August 11, 00:58

    cool toy

  11. miketerrinoni August 11, 08:23

    i wish i had one

  12. Ali M Kassem August 12, 08:31

    good camera the best

  13. Elijah Elijah August 12, 08:47

    This recently launched technology will serve as an individualized satellite to under-developed and developing countries where too many ugly occurrences go Scot free for want of evidence. Through this gadget, one can comfortably and quietly capture footage of unfavorable scenes befalling the innocent at all times. In Nigeria, this will be in high demand. I am certain. I am personally joining the market.

  14. njkuiper6 August 12, 09:15

    Fun device to have around 🙂

  15. bernie August 12, 09:35

    I like this Car DVR because it is not expensive and it have two DR. Make sure I will not miss any part around my car.That is great! Hope I can win!

  16. mahdi August 12, 09:47


  17. Voinea Cristian August 12, 10:54

    i like Video Resolution: 1280×1440 (30FPS)

  18. Nick Dimopoulos August 12, 15:28

    Great value for money!

  19. RajyP August 12, 15:38

    I would love to have one of these to make my day to day driving feel safer. I work in the city where traffic is bumper to bumper and if anything happened I would have proof.

  20. IIS August 12, 15:51

    Because I’m worth it!?

  21. Howard Steeley August 14, 14:38

    Great gift

  22. Steven Blaser August 14, 22:54

    I would like to have one of these.

  23. Tom Griffith Jr August 14, 23:16

    This would be great to have in case of an accident. Now I would have my own proof without the lies of others.

  24. amy calvert August 15, 03:14

    Just what we need for the twin granddaughters that are on the way!

  25. kelly tupick August 15, 17:26

    My husband is a tucker and comes across a lot of accidents and mishaps on the road way. This would be nice for him to have for his business use.

  26. meintc August 16, 02:27

    Would love to win this and place in my car.

  27. Hamid Mehmood August 16, 14:37

    very useful for everyday use in here to feel safe

  28. Andrey Miroshnikov August 18, 04:15

    The best camera DVR for any car

  29. kristi m August 21, 07:18

    i would love to set this up in my car so if anything happens like a accident i will have proof of what happened

  30. Stephanie Bonck August 21, 10:09

    I love that is has motion detection! This is a great find!

  31. praful bhongale August 23, 01:14


  32. catarina cardoso August 23, 05:27

    Great value for money!

  33. Nikos August 23, 09:25

    Great device

  34. Joseph P Frye (@JosephPFrye) August 23, 10:11

    Would love to win this set.

  35. LYN WILLIAMS August 23, 10:16

    I would love to win this and use it on road trips and crazy car conversations between me and my babe while in the car. There are soo many time where I wish something had been recorded. Its so much funnier when it originally catches you off guard.

  36. Taras_I_R August 23, 16:24

    I Want it)

  37. SanthoshKumar Manickam August 24, 00:08

    wow superb giveaway…i would like to win this cool gadget 🙂

  38. SanthoshKumar Manickam August 24, 00:10

    wow superb giveaway….i would like to win this cool gadget 🙂

  39. Arockia Jenison August 24, 00:58

    Must be a great device for video recording

  40. Dmitriy Sukhanov August 24, 21:43

    Very useful device!

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