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In what lies the best delight of life? Is it wealth? No, its health because you can enjoy the distinct tastes of life cheerfully only when you own a healthy body. On the other hand, we all know the benefits of a healthy life-style but fail to step forward to achieve it. We also understand that to stay healthy even if a small change is made to our so called ‘busy schedule’ can make a big difference; however, we are reluctant to make even that small effort.

In the current scenario, technology has given a new life to the hope of bringing a healthy change into your ‘lifeless’ existence. The job of keeping you on your toes when it comes to health is now handled by various apps that can help you keep a track of a number of activities simultaneously. No matter whether it is extremely difficult to leave your bed when the alarm makes adjurations to you every morning or follow a strict diet plan rather than yielding to the gluttony of the tongue.



The apps below give an index of a few best apps developed by mobile app developers that help you achieve goals related to your health:

Calorie Counter & Food Diary (Android | iPhone)

This app has emerged as a great diet and fitness tool, which helps you keep a track of your daily diet plans, calories gain/burn and many more. Simply enter your count of calories each day as well as the exercise done on daily basis, rest you can leave on this exceptional health planner. Calorie Counter and Food Diary compare your calorie intake with the output. Tips and valuable information is also provided on the basis of the goals set by you. This app enables you to sync it with several other fitness and diet tools and can manage all your data in one place. Moreover, it helps you keep a check of water intake, vitamins and minerals and the measurements of your body. This will be yours amazing health coach which defines health and lets you conveniently monitor the transformation.


Daily Yoga (Android | iPhone)

Daily Yoga is considered a more effective app than many due to its feature of having over 500 yoga poses with a guide. In addition, you get over 50 complete yoga sessions to work through along with tranquil background music to help you relax. This app is not created merely for pros as there are three distinct intensity levels and a number of duration alternatives to choose from. On this app, a perfect routine can be explored by you making yoga more accessible and easier to partake in without the necessity of attending expensive classes.


MyFitnessPal (Android | iPhone)

We reside in a world of temptations, petty pleasures, dire stress and convenience and these offer us an unhealthy and distorted lifestyle in return. MyFitnessPal is both a mobile app as well as a website and offers you a great deal of tools which allow you to keep a check of the measurements, especially what you eat and how much calories are burnt by you through various activities. Among a number of fitness apps, MyFitnessPal is a much convenient app, which has the largest database of foods and drinks. With the help of this app, you can correctly watch what you consume 24/7 no matter where you are.


Calm (Android | iPhone)

This app works like your personal trainer and helps you get relaxation through enlightening meditation. It keeps you stress free by making your daily routine rich with immense calm and contentment. The major highlight of Calm is that it gives you the opportunity of learning meditation in 7 days.

Diet Plan (Android)

This app creates a bespoke diet plan based on your exclusive requirements, abilities and activities. This absolutely free app only targets your improved health through a number of directions to follow a recommended diet plan. Moreover, it also enables you to keep a track of everything you do. Each diet plan has a reminder and recipe advice that fit within your budget along with a routine plan.


Weightbot is a very effective and up-to-date fitness measure app, which allows you track your body-weight including targeting of your expected weight. It works like a great coach and helps you lose weight without any trouble. It also evaluates the success of your diet.

Pedometer (Android)

This app monitors the number of steps you have put while walking and exhibits them again along with the exact figure of calories that you have burnt. It also keeps a track of the distance, speed per hour and the time taken to cover the distance. Pedometer is extremely easy to use because you simply have to tap on the start button and hold your phone. Thus, it will automatically count your steps covered during the walk. Through a graph, it displays your health meter with some other information as well.


This guest post was written by Jitendra Jain, a marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering a platform to hire android app developer for your own app development project.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.8.2016. | 10:06
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