Giveaway – Win KenXinDa W8 Rugged Phone in Youtube Channel

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.8.2016. | 17:30

Congratulations to JaySunico Productions! The winner of this Ken Xin Da giveaway! Thanks for all the entrants! We picked up the winner on random! Welcome to join our next giveaway, Yotaphone 2 Giveaway here:

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Umi Max Giveaway Winner


It is thrilling to tell you that Chinavasions’ new Giveaway has been released. Please pay attention to our Youtube channel and then you can find this KEN XIN DA PROOFINGS W8 unboxing video. In the video, you can find out how to join the giveaway.

Kenxinda W8 rugged phone values $149.99 in Chinavasion and now today, yyou can have the chance to obtain it for free. It comes with MTK6753 Octa core 64 Bit  and running Android 5.1 Operations system. So that it can easily handle all your multitasking needs as well as run the latest games effortlessly. With its IP68 waterproof rating, compression resistance, dustproof, and shockproof features this phone is the perfect choice for your outdoor activities or as your outdoor companion. The front and rear cameras can snap 5MP and 8MP photos respectively, and LED Flashlight, you can enjoy your selfie at any time, in any place.

Open the video to find out more!



Subscribe to Chinavasion Youtube and Leave a comment under the video to tell us why you want to have this rugged phone.

We will choose several good comments and then pick up one lucky subscriber on random within those comments.

Expiration Date: 6th Sep, 2016

Now, we are waiting for you. Cheer up!


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.8.2016. | 17:30
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  1. Turaki Auwal August 8, 11:28

    Wooow,, this is incredible and extraordinary phone. It is a fantastic, wonderful lifestyle for everyone in anywhere around the globe.
    A grateful thanks to you Chinavasion for introducing such products to serve humanity.

  2. Senen Abila August 9, 19:24

    There’s an App for Everything and It Can Be a Great Way for Us to Connect, Too

  3. Scott Castillo August 9, 20:03

    I need my music in the shower!

  4. jeu stoffels August 10, 02:00

    dit zou een telefoon voor mij zijn,sterk en gemakkelijk.Zou wat zijn voor op de tractor,met de verschillende functies.Zou ideaal voor mij zijn,gr

  5. Vikrant Sagar August 10, 20:17

    I want this phn as ivwant to be the first owner in India.

  6. parvinder August 12, 13:18

    Amazing ..I for sure will buy it

  7. Sipilä Ari O August 12, 15:05

    Phone will be perfect for my sailboat. I just broke my THL phone…

  8. chronis August 13, 06:26

    damn i really love this phone

  9. Debra Holloway August 15, 13:36

    What a fabulous phone, I would really love to have it. It is amazing. I do not have a cellphone.

  10. Gordon Kaardal August 15, 19:11

    Amazing phone, and I am so rough on my phones this one will last …good luck

  11. Kevin Bright August 15, 20:55

    Wow another great giveaway from Chinavasion. Can’t believe all the options, like waterproof, shockproof . This would be a great fit for an outdoorsmen enthusiast like myself. Great for taking selfie in any weather environment and not worry about dropping or getting it wet. Running android for gaming when I am just relaxing, I am so so excited about this giveaway. You rock Chinavasion!!!!

  12. Rena Walter August 15, 20:55

    I’d love to win, I’ve never had anything but a Trac flip phone!

  13. arra odeza (@acodeza) August 15, 22:50

    I honestly love taking selfies. Winning the phone would be much help on my journey to mobile photography as it has very decent camera.

  14. Mark Martin August 16, 00:37

    What an outstanding phone, well done.

  15. wayde marriott August 16, 01:47

    This phone is awesome. It has great features.

  16. Daniela Plume August 16, 05:48

    Awesome phone! I need a rugged one. I’m always dropping mine 😮

  17. Daniela Plume August 16, 05:50

    Awesome phone! I need a rugged one because I’m always dropping mine.

  18. Martha Martin August 16, 07:19

    It has a lot of features but I really like the appearance. Very nice phone, congrats.

  19. Lauren Martin August 16, 07:21

    I work outside and could really use a telephone that has the rugged qualities this phone has. Great phone with great features.

  20. Adriana August 16, 07:34

    I would love it,looks amazing.

  21. Valerie August 16, 07:46

    This phone looks much mor durable than any my husband has damaged. He does building maintenance/handy man and has gone through many phones due to his job.

  22. Santiago Gonzalez August 16, 08:37

    Cool phone to win

  23. Kevin Mansor August 16, 09:41

    Be able to find out if it is wife proof. It will be dropped at least twice a day

  24. texasinak August 16, 10:59

    I want to win because it looks durable. my fiancé keeps breaking his. this would really suit him and be a great gift

  25. Diane Zawislak August 16, 11:02

    I need to win this for my husband. His phone is simply the poorest functioning phone ever. What a nice surprise this would be.

  26. Michael August 16, 16:09

    This is a dream phone for me, i love the size of the phone and also its internal memory. Browsing internet with it, is very fast and enjoyable moment.

  27. James Stringham August 16, 21:33

    I would love to have this rugged phone, just for the fact that it withstands common accidents.

  28. Irina E August 17, 06:36

    This is golden, golden, golden. I wish I will be the one who wins it!

  29. molli vandehey August 17, 07:07

    this phone looks so neat, i want to get my hubby a great new phone!

  30. Marge Kiley August 17, 23:38

    This seems like the phone that I need since I’m phone illiterate and tend to destroy regular phones with my rough usage of them. Good luck to everyone!

  31. hez15 August 18, 01:47

    This would be wonderful for my husband, for when he’s out on the atv or boating… thanks for the chance,and good luck everyone!

  32. M.A SALEEM KHAN August 20, 13:55

    I really want to have this rugged phone reason behind is it’s look extra ordinary,elegant,stunning and amazing.Features are highly sophisticated from every angle. A big salute to Chinavasion for introducing quality smart phone.?

  33. M.A SALEEM KHAN August 20, 13:55

    I really want to have this rugged phone reason behind is it’s look extra ordinary,elegant,stunning and amazing.Features are highly sophisticated from every angle. A big salute to Chinavasion for introducing quality smart phone.?

  34. Maxwell Mtola August 20, 17:23

    This phone is great for for my field job. My job gets dirty and crude sometimes so this beast will just fit in. The waterproofing, shockproof & not forgetting it’s powerful operating system. Seriously this phone is a must have for all skilledworkman like mine_farming.

  35. Sebastine Swamynathan August 20, 23:05

    This is such a great phone
    thank you chinavasion for introducing such awesome stuff!
    Thanks for giving us all this chance to get a great mobile. Even though some people might say I have 99.9%chance of not getting this phone, I want to stay positive and say I still have that0.1%chance of winning it.

    Thank you Chinavasion!!!

  36. Demian August 21, 00:52

    I Love all UMI phones… This one, with octacore and 3 GB Ram, it´s amazing… And 4000mAH!. Love the look´s details and the robust of the smarphone. Want to win a UMI MAX

  37. Samantha Pearce August 21, 02:09

    Its would be awesome to take along hiking or biking…durable device

  38. Nicholas Sablone August 21, 04:17

    i work outside and a rugged phone would help me out more than anything,

  39. bob tombs August 21, 11:08

    I do not have a cell phone but would like to be the first in canada to have a rugged one

  40. Alexey Petrov August 22, 00:11

    Great phone, it would be useful for fishermans and tourists like me 🙂

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