4 Scams Your Car DVR System Can Guard Against

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.8.2016. | 14:57

A car DVR is one of the best tools you can get to help clear your name should you get involved in an auto fraud incident. Hook it up with a proper set of cameras – a dashboard camera and a rear-view camera. Once you do that, you’ll have the ability to record footage that will prove your innocence while pinning the blame squarely on those trying to scam you.

But what kinds of scams, exactly, can your in-car DVR protect you from?

Staged Accidents

This is where drivers stage an accident to make it look like you’re at fault or responsible for the accident. Take the staged rear-end, for example. This is where a car in front of you will abruptly halt or swerve, forcing you to hit them from behind. In cases like these, the person who hits the rear of the other car is often held responsible.

Car DVRege (2)

A car DVR, however, can provide proof of the car in front of you swerving or suddenly decelerating. This evidence will reverse the bias of rear-ending and turn things in your favor – and will work pretty well in other staged accident scenarios.

Fake Waves and Signals

This is an extended form of staged accidents, where you end up being the at-fault driver due to signals from the other driver. For example, a driver could wave you to pass him or her on the road. Once you do so, the other driver suddenly swerve – causing you to either rear-end the car or hit the car on its side.

Car DVRgwe


They then deny giving such a signal when the traffic enforcers come rolling around. A car DVR, however, will be able to capture footage to prove that you were acting according to the signal given to you by the other driver.

Phony Witnesses

Some frauds use the help of accomplices to provide testimonies against you. For example, a driver may intentionally ram you in an intersection and then have his or her accomplices say that you were running a red light.

Car DVRerhgwr

A car camera and DVR kit, however, will easily solve that problem. These car DVRs will often collect enough useful evidence to overturn the statements of the fraudsters and their accomplices.

Extra Damages

This is where the not-at-fault driver in an accident damages their car after the accident – sometimes even before the traffic authorities arrive to assess the extent of the accident. If left unchecked, this will force the at-fault driver to pay for more than the costs of the actual accident.

Car DVRrghw

An in-car camera, however, will be of immense use to you should you end up being at fault. You’ll know just how extensive the damage really is, and maybe catch the other driver in the act of sabotaging his or her own vehicle.


These are just a handful of scenarios where a vehicle DVR can protect you against potential car fraud. The best part about all of this is that car DVRs are becoming more affordable and significantly easier to install than before. This combination makes onboard car DVRs a must-have for drivers that need extra protection against frauds looking to score easy prey!



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.8.2016. | 14:57
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