Know Why Mobile App Development Firms Fail to Taste Success

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.7.2016. | 17:46

The mobile app market is skyrocketing, and there is no sign of its weakening in the near future.  The demand and popularity of apps among the users can be best understood by The Statistics report. It says that the total numbers of app downloads will touch 211 billion in 2016 and reach 254 billion in 2017. The same report also informs that worldwide revenue for the app providers was $45.37 billion in 2015, and it will touch $58.21 billion in 2016 and $76.52 billion in 2017. The apps are also the highest downloaded devices in the world. Today, there are millions of apps in circulation for various uses like business, health, sports, education, finance and others.

Mobile Apps

The phenomenal popularity of the Mobile apps, overwhelming users, and revenues for the app providers have also mushroomed apps development companies to cater ever growing apps market and users needs. However, not all app Startups are successful due to various reasons. Many fail quickly due to certain mistakes. The factors that are mainly responsible for their failure include:


App Designing

App Designing is an important step in app development. The design must click with the users; otherwise, they may reject your app. Many apps failed to take off in the app market due to shortcomings in the designs.


Apps Revenue Model

Profit is the basic criteria for developing a mobile app. Before developing an app, Startups must decide the model, features, and cost of the app. They must also be sure of their target customers and decide app pricing because these issues can affect their revenue. If you develop an app without taking these points into consideration, you may not achieve your app development goal.



Simple apps are most preferred by the users. Apps with unnecessary features make it complicated and bothersome. The users may avoid such apps. The users may also reject your app if you fail to give them necessary features.



Delayed or hasty launching can affect your app in the market.

If you launch your app when there is still some work left and hope that you will complete the work after it is launched, then you are taking a risk because users may reject an incomplete app. Also, if you delay in launching and the app does not serve the launch purpose, your app may again fail in the market. For example, you have developed an app for Christmas, but if you launch it after Christmas, there will be no taker for your app because it will be no longer useful to the users.



Pricing is another factor that may affect your app in the market. If you keep prices high, the user might reject it, and if you keep prices at a minimum, you may not cover your developing costs. You need to consider customers, competitor’s apps, market, competition, developing costs and others before deciding a price for your app.


Customer Feedback

If you fail to notice users’ reviews and feedback and refuse to implement their advice and suggestions to improve or update your app, the negative feedback or reviews may kill your app in the app market.



The success of your app depends on your marketing strategies and planning. If you fail to take advantage of available marketing options like social media networking, direct emails, PR, advertising, customer referral, research and survey, SEO, app store ranking, and others, you are bound to fail, and your app will be lost in the market. The users will not even be aware of it.



Most of the successful apps were designed and developed based on some specific purpose and target customers. Any app that does not serve any of these ideas may not find the desired response or ready users in the app market.



Budget plays a vital role in your app developing. If your budget is limited but you decided to develop an app that has a developing cost beyond your budget, you may end up in failure because you will not be able to meet your developing costs. Also, if you decide to bring down the cost by minimizing the features, users may reject it.



If you develop an app without acquiring thorough knowledge of the market and analyzing the competition, your app may not be able to compete with similar apps in the market. You must have knowledge of markets and pricing of similar apps in the market.


Changes and Innovation

App markets and app trends are rapidly changing. Every other day you come across apps that have innovative and updated features, designs, and styles. If you cannot adapt to market changes quickly and develop a unique app, your app Startup is certain to end in failure like other unsuccessful app development ventures.

The success or failure of your app Startup depends on these and other issues. These points may or may not affect your Startup, but considering these issues when developing an app will definitely help you get users response in the app market.


The guest post was written by Deepak Vijay, a former motoring journalist who currently writes about tech-savvy stuff for Writing has become his passion and profession.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.7.2016. | 17:46
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