Top gadgets that help you catch ‘em all in the new Pokemon game

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.7.2016. | 15:12

The new Pokemon game, Pokemon Go, has rapidly grown to become one of today’s most sensational mobile games available. This is not entirely surprising as most of the millennial that are currently playing this game grew up with the Pokemon hype. Also we dreamt about it as a kid to live in the world of Pokemon and become a true Pokemon master. By launching the world’s newest Pokemon game for smartphone Nintendo has helped us to realize this dream and allows us to become the Pokemon trainer we have always dreamt of being in real life.



Becoming the world’s best Pokemon trainer and collecting all your beloved Pokemon friends does, however, not come without any danger. But admit it, Pokemon Go isn’t just a game to you anymore and you are prepared to do what ever it takes to snag that majestic Lapras or mythical Snorlax.

In order to help you further on your quest to become the world’s best Pokemon trainer, Chinavasion has selected some handy tech-gadgets for you that are currently available in our assortment.


Stay Charged: Gadgets that ensure you won’t run out of power while playing Pokemon Go

Not only does the new Pokemon game require a powerful smartphone to run it smoothly, it also is known for its high battery consumption. Therefore it could happen that, while playing Pokemon Go, you are suddenly left without power. This is, of course, not useful for numerous reasons; most important of which is that you can not catch any Pokemon on an empty battery.

Chinavasion’s wide range of portable power banks are there to ensure you that you are prepared to engage in those extra long Pokemon hunting trips without having to fear an empty battery.

By far the coolest gadget that is a must have for all die hard Pokemon fans and trainers out there is our newly arrived Pokeball Power Bank. With its authentic design and weight this Pokemon Powerbank makes you feel as if you were holding a real Pokeball, ready to get out there and start your next Pokemon adventure in the new Pokemon game, Pokemon go. Featuring a monstrous 8000mAh battery this Pokemon smartphone charger can charge two devices at once and allows you and your friends to carry on playing for many additional hours – ensuring that you that will never miss out on catching your favorite Pokemon ever again due to a lack of power.

Pokemon Powerbank


In the need of some extra power but are looking for a more casual design? Check out our Cager WP10 Power Bank for example. With its 5600mAh capacity this product guarantees that you will not run out of power any time soon. The Cager WP10 is water and shock proof and is equipped with a built-in SOS signal light and laser pointer, making it a perfect accessory for all of you who like to take your Pokemon hunting adventure to the next level.

Portable Phone Charger

For the Pokemon trainers that are lucky enough to live in a place with an abundance of sunlight Chinavasion offers a range of solar powered phone chargers which are ideal for re-charging your smartphone when there is no wall socket available. Simply carry this compact solar battery bank with you and it will solve most of your daily battery constraints, providing you with an unlimited playtime to help you catch ‘em all.

Solar Energy Battery Pack


Be Mobile: Mobility is key while hunting for your favorite Pokemon

As all of us know, you won’t become the world’s next Ash Ketchum by staying at home and sitting on your sofa. Becoming a pro Pokemon trainer requires you to get out of your entrusted environment and drags you in to the wild. Staying mobile is, therefore, one of the key necessities to enjoy this new Pokemon game at its best.

Are you tired of walking for miles in order to be able to make that one rare catch to impress your friends? – why not increase your mobility and play Pokemon Go on your bicycle. Our bicycle mount for the Samsung Galaxy S4, for example, allows you to easily attach your smartphone to your bike and to hunt for those Pokemon which normally were out of reach. Not only does this accessory increase your in-game experience, it also provides a save way to use your cell phone in traffic and motivates you to go out for a little cycle trip while at the same time hunting for Pokemon. A little bit of extra exercise won’t do any harm.

Bicycle Mount


For those of you who want to take your mobility to the next level Chinavasion offers a wide selection of mini drones that are compatible with both Android and iOS. This gadget is perfect for exploring the territories ahead and ensures you that you will never chase a Pokemon that has hidden itself at a location which is impossible to reach for the average human being.

Mini smartphone drone


Keep Safe: Also when playing the new Pokemon game keep in mind; safety first

Those of you who have read the news lately know that hunting for Pokemon can bring along some dangers. People getting lost in the forest, falling of cliffs, getting trapped in caves,  ending up in severe weather conditions, and even armed robbery. This new Pokemon game does certainly bring along its own kind of dangers. Staying safe always is of a main priority which is why we have put together two tech gadgets for you that might just safe your life.

Sunroad’s FR821A Sports Watch is equipped with an Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Pedometer, and Calorie Counter. This watch has all the specifications needed to keep you from running into trouble while actively participating in any outdoor activities.

Sunroad FR821A Sports Watch

Going out after dark and afraid of running into less friendly ‘’monsters’’ than the ones you are actually hunting with your Pokemon Go app? This Cree XPE LED torch casts up to 800 Lumens – enough to light up your surrounding area and, if needed, to blind any potential threat that stands between you and your Pokemon adventure.

CREE LED Flashlight


A little bonus: The ultimate smartphone to catch Pokemon in any weather condition

For all extreme Pokemon trainers that are not afraid of an outdoor challenge or bad weather – for those who are willing to face the harshest outdoor terrains and do not back off no matter what mother nature throws at them – there is the Blackview BV6000S IP68 Smartphone. This rugged smartphone comes along with a bunch of safety features and is nearly impossible to break compared to your average smartphone. This is the smartphone that’s ready to take on the entire (Pokemon) world with you.

Rugged Phone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.7.2016. | 15:12
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