Top Gadgets for the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.7.2016. | 13:08

Planning a trip to Rio this summer to watch the Olympics?Here is a quick rundown of the gadgets you need to pack to make the summer Olympics 2016 memorable:

Olympic 2016

Quad-Band Phone. Your cool phone might work with your carrier back at home, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll work with the carriers in Brazil. Good thing there are a ton of cheap but high-quality quad-band phones that are guaranteed to work no matter where you are. You can even pick up a pre-paid SIM in Rio to save even more money on phone and mobile internet expenses!

Olympic 2016 - 02

Phone Camera Lens. If your phone has a pretty good camera but so-so resolution, why not augment your phone by slapping on a phone camera lens? The analog zoom guarantees you’ll get a better image without sacrificing pixel quality. The effects work pretty well with phones that have higher resolution capabilities as well, so it’s definitely worth the money if you rely on your phone for images.

Action Camera. Speaking of cameras, a tough little action camera is definitely a smarter choice than a fully-fledged model when it comes to the Rio Olympics. It’s smaller and utilizes a lower profile, meaning you can easily whip it out in the middle of an event without elbowing other people around or obscuring their view with an obnoxiously over-sized camera.

Olympic 2016 - 03

Power Bank. All your fancy gadgets will be for naught if they run out of juice, especially when you’re in the middle of a series of events and you can’t get to a power outlet anytime soon. A high-capacity power bank significantly extends the lifespan of your gadgets. You can pick big, fat models for even more juice, or you can go for the slimmer ones to keep things portable. You can even bring along multiple banks, one for each gadget you expect to use heavily.

Universal Power Adapter. Speaking of power, a universal power adapter will be essential when going to Rio. The power plugs of your gadgets may not fit into the power outlets in town – something a universal power adapter will solve quite nicely. Couple the adapter with a power strip from your home country, and you can keep all your gadgets topped up from just one outlet.

Olympic 2016 - 04

Bluetooth Sunglasses. These are some very useful gadgets to bring along to Rio. Not only will they block out the glare of the sun, but they’ll also connect wirelessly with your phone. This allows you to check out messages, answer calls, and access other basic phone functions without having to bring your phone out into the open.

HandheldElectric Fan. Brazil is a tropical country, meaning things will get pretty hot and humid when outside of air-conditioned venues.Factor in the fact that the Olympics will be heldin summer and you can picture how face-meltingly hot things can be. A handheld electric fan can’t compare to a fresh spring breeze, but it’s the next best thing when you’re stuck in a throng of equally overheated tourists cheering for their national team.

Tracker Watch. If you’re traveling with a group, especially if you have children, then you will definitely need to equip everyone with a tracker watch. These connect to the GPS system, and can send text messages revealing their coordinates. Some even come with basic call capabilities; letting you get in touch with one another in case of emergency.

Olympic 2016 - 05


Keep all these handy, and you’ll have a much easier and more convenient time at the Rio Olympics!



Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.7.2016. | 13:08
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