How I Pimp My Ride, China Style

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2007. | 19:04

Pimping Your Ride With Chinese Made Car Electronics…


Not so long ago a "Pimped Out Ride" referred to a car where the interior upholstery was of a non-factory colour (purple perhaps) and still intact. If you were talking about a "Sweet Paint Job" you probably meant that the paint was the same shade all over the car and if you were talking about a "Phat Sound System" you probably meant that you had just sold your cassette deck to your younger brother’s friend and upgraded to CD…

Nowadays it might be your friend’s younger brother trying to sell you his old 2 DIN In-Car DVD because he’s got ‘way too much screenage, man!’

Your paint job isn’t pimp unless it matches your interior and your shoes and don’t even contemplate uttering a single ‘P…’ unless you mean to say you can parametrically equalize the sound quality; ………around your wheels!

At Chinavasion we know its tough keeping up with the newest in automobile enhancements, that’s why we’ve sourced and listed some products we think might help you raise your "P" factor. 🙂

7-Inch in-dash TFT LCD Monitor (16:9) with DVD Player

When talking about screenage, size matters. This 1 Din Car DVD has a 7 inch screen with 16:9 ratio playback. It renders DVD/CD/ VCD and MP3 CD and has built in TV Tuner for catching your episodes of "Pimp My Ride". As an added bonus the screen can tilt left or right for optimal viewing angle for either you or your passenger.


7 Inch Headrest LCD Monitor – AV IN+ Memory Card Reader

Let the passengers in the back feel the pimpness with this 7 Inch headrest monitor with SD/MMC card readability and AV in for connecting your cars main DVD. It also adjustable up to 35 Degrees.


Want to profit by sourcing hot-selling electronics direct from China?


Car Parametric Equalizer – USB + MP3 + iPod Compatibility

‘Cut and Boost’ your way to pimpdom with this Parametric 4 Channel Equalizer. Why parametric and not graphic? Well, graphic equalizers have fixed frequencies allowing you to adjust the gain at that frequency only. Parametric Equalizers allow you to adjust the centre frequency as well as how far on either side of that frequency is affected and gain control. Never before have you been able to obtain recording studio type sound quality behind the wheel.



Car MP3 FM Modulator With Remote Control

Make the best of the Parametric Equalizer with this Car MP3 FM Modulator. Easy to use, just plug your MP3 USB stick into the USB slot, tune your cars FM radio to the same channel displayed on the modulator and press play.

Chinavasion electronics products are available at low wholesale prices, delivered worldwide direct from China.

  • 12 Month warranty.
  • Top product quality guaranteed.
  • Insured trackable shipping.
  • Easy online ordering with Paypal (includes all major credit cards).

China Car Pimping Wholesale

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.12.2007. | 19:04
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  1. Baro January 18, 22:04

    This shit is vary cooool i am planing to change my
    workshop into car pimping shop.

    Thanks a lot baro

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