7 Android Features You Need To Use On Your 5 Inch Smartphone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.7.2016. | 10:55

You may have the latest, greatest 5 inch smartphone in the market, but are you really making full use of all these nifty devices has to offer? Here are a couple of cool features on plus-sized smartphones that you may not be fully making use of:

NFC – near field communications (NFC) lets you swap data between phones, pick up information from a non-powered device like a strip or card, and turn your nifty 5 inch smartphone into a veritable credit card. This simple tech turns your large screen smartphone into so much more, provided you actually reach out and make use of NFC-compatible technologies.

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NFC 01

SOS Mode – many of the current generations of 5 inch phones come with an emergency SOS mode. Most devices recognize this command whenever the power button is quickly pressed down three times. Once this is done, they will immediately record audio, note down your location, and capture photos from your 5 inch smartphone’s cameras. This information will be sent to the emergency contacts you list down. Just make sure to set up SOS first though, as it is not enabled by default.

Smartphone SOS 05

Gesture Sensing – some big smartphones come with pressure sensors that can pick up a wave of a hand over the device. These gesture sensors let you interact with your phone by simply waving your hand; skipping audio tracks and moving on to next pages without having to actually touch the phone. A very useful feature on 5 inch smartphones docked to a desk or to your car’s dashboard panel.

Gesture Sensing smartphone 08


Smart Wake – want to quickly open up important apps without having to swipe in your password and browse through all the apps on your 5 inch smartphone’s home screen? Smart Wake lets you do just that. You can run a variety of commands straight from the lock screen, which range from double-taps to wake the screen to drawing an”M” to open messages. Some of the later models even let you customize apps by assigning a drawn letter to a specific app.

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Smart Wake smartphone 04


Smart Lock – simply put, this feature automatically unlocks your phone when in a ‘safe’ area or when near your smartwatch. If beyond the ‘safe’ boundaries, it will require a manual unlock. It’s actually a very useful feature for big smartphones, considering it can be a bit of a hassle to constantly unlock your phone just to check its contents. It also doubles as a password manager; keeping tabs on the apps and sites that you use and automatically logging you in as needed.

Smart Lock smartphone 03

Now On Tap – this nifty feature from Google takes note of whatever is currently on the screen of your 5″ smartphone and lets you run searches on related items. This contextual search tool runs by pressing and holding the home button while running an app. It then lets you search up useful information on what you’re currently working. For example, you can be listening to music, and simply asking “who’s the artist?” will yield information on the artist behind the music you’re listening to.

Now On Tap 02 Chinavasion

Data Limit – last but not the least, many current-gen smartphones come with a data usage menu that not only monitors your data but will give you early warning should your data usage reach a certain limit. This is extremely helpful for folks that love to stream videos or download stuff on their 5 inch smartphone, as you can set a warning just below your data cap. You’ll still be able to surf to your heart’s delight, but this time you have much more control early on instead of after you hit the data cap.

Data Limit



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.7.2016. | 10:55
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