MHL Adapters: How To Transform Your 5 Inch Smartphone Into A Desktop Computer

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.7.2016. | 16:59

The current generation of 5 inch smartphones come with hardware powerful enough to support a wide array of features. Browsing, gaming, document editing, and the like are especially easy on the higher-end models.

The thing here is that these large screen smartphones can serve as the central hub for a respectable desktop computer – all thanks to a little device called an MHL adapter.

What’s an MHL Adapter?


The main purpose of a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) adapter is to connect your phone to HDMI displays. You basically plug your 5 inch phone into the adapter’s micro USB, where the adapter transfers the display on your phone to a larger HDMI-compatible output device – like a monitor or smart TV.

One thing you need to be aware of, however, is that your phone may or may not be compatible with a particular MHL adapter. The biggest compatibility issue is with the number of pins used by the micro USB port on your 5 inch smartphone. These are often sorted into 5-pin and 11-pin categories. There are adapters for 5-pins to work with 11-pins and vice-versa, though it is a lot simpler to pick an MHL adapter that matches the number of pins on your phone’s micro USB port.

What Features Should I Look For?


Quick rundown of the basics: power, an HDMI port, at least one USB port, and a slot for SD or micro SD cards.

These features expand the way you can use your 5″ smartphone as a desktop computer – most notably the ability to work with a mouse-and-keyboard setup, as well as extra memory for storing apps, files, and documents. You can count on your phone for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, but these basic features on your MHL adapter help you work with cheaper, more affordable gadgets. Other features, like an internal power bank or display screens on the MHL adapter, are all up to your personal preference. As long as the adapter possesses the aforementioned basics, it’ll work decently enough at converting your 5 inch smartphone into a desktop computer.

Any Other Tips For Using An MHL Adapter?


First off, make sure that your phone is as secure as possible. Treat a plus-size smartphone like a desktop long enough, and it can be very easy to forget that someone can just walk up to your desk and shove the phone in a pocket. Avoid leaving your phone unattended, and bring it with you if you have to leave your desk. You can also use a few geofencing apps that alert you when someone takes the phone beyond a set space.

Also, it can be a pretty good idea to pair MHL adapters with more powerful high-end phones. A lot of big smartphones have a lot of horsepower under the hood, and this will be of great help when cranking up video quality or graphics settings to match the larger screen. Normal or low-definition resolutions may work just fine on smaller screens, but the image quality will become painfully obvious on anything larger than a 5″ smartphone’s display.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.7.2016. | 16:59
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