5 Inch Smartphones: The Perfect Size?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.8.2016. | 14:53

5-inch smartphones have claimed a large chunk of existing phone users, with virtually all manufacturers offering at least one model that fits into this range. But why exactly are 5-inch phones so popular in the first place?

 Comfortable One-Handed Use When it boils down to ergonomics, 5" smartphones squeeze right into that category where they offer as much working space as possible without being too difficult to use with one hand.

Any handheld device larger than 5 inches becomes difficult to use with just one hand; requiring you to either use both hands or to accessorize with other gadgets like smart watches. 5 inch smartphones, however, hit that sweet spot where you can grip the phone and comfortably stretch your thumb out to tap those buttons. The size also ensures that the device isn't heavy enough to strain your hands, which is another problem with larger models.Y9Vr5dNyMore Space for More HardwareAnother benefit of a plus-sized smartphone is that you have more space to cram in extra hardware.

The chips, processors, sensors, heat sinks, and batteries for phones get smaller and smaller each year while becoming more and more powerful. 5 inch smartphones, however, have enough space behind their display screen to accommodate additional hardware while still being affordable enough for most folks. This is why many large screen smartphones tend to come with more powerful central processing and graphics processing units – resulting in smoother, clearer, and more robust visuals. This is something that contributes a lot to the next reason why 5 inch smartphones are so popular right now.Od2rdtLw Screen is Easy on the EyesThe generous displays of plus-size smartphones are their biggest assets – making it easy for your eyes to discern finer details that would be lost on smaller screens.5 inch phones offer just enough 'real estate' to work with while on the go. As a result, the words and images on the screen are clear enough to notice at arm's length without the need to squint. This, in a package that isn't too troublesome to carry around. It is right on the edge of comfortably fitting in a pocket while still offering enough screen space to comfortably work with. This is a definite plus for those that love to watch or read stuff while on the go, whether taking it easy in a coffee shop or having to trudge through the evening commute home.bfYrRcamPrimary Device for First-TimersWhen all is said and done, the aforementioned attributes make 5 inch smartphones the ideal "first" device for those that have yet to invest heavily into smart technology.

Tech enthusiasts with lots of money tend to surround themselves with a ton of gadgets, meaning that smartphones become just one among many in a gadget-rich ecosystem. Those that are just starting out in the world of tech, however, want a device that gets it all done. A big smartphone solves all their needs. It serves as a communications device, a productivity device, an entertainment device, and a learning device all in one package. This makes it an economical first purchase for those that are just starting out with the latest technology.Od2rzutw

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.8.2016. | 14:53
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  1. neema August 26, 15:42

    beautiful phone its sleek and perfect size.awsome camera and colors to choose from.love it.

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