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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.7.2016. | 09:25

Workplace security is an often overlooked aspect of business operations, yet it profoundly affects the well-being of workers, and safety of your property. Alarm systems and cameras are among the most used features, but the market is flooded with many other striking applications. Security systems are getting more sophisticated and intelligent, and one can assemble the whole ecosystem on a budget. It is time to turn the workplace into an impregnable fortress and surround it with the multiple layers of security.



With eyes wide open

Video surveillance is one of the best ways to oversee activity in the work environment. Cameras that are large and in the open are powerful deterrents, but there are also those tiny ones hidden from view. The choice depends on the size and layout of the space, as well as your budget.  The wireless devices might be a more prudent investment: They are easier to install, and are more discreet, even if the picture quality is not always on par. Also, with the latest innovations, it is virtually possible to be in two places at once, and monitor everything via a smart phone.

A central hub

A central security system is a user-friendly, practical option for those who want to save time and money on security measures. Take the example of the LG’s Smart Security Solution, a surprisingly small device with a camera, monitor, siren, and multiple-device compatibility.   It can, for example, work hand in hand with your other monitoring and surveillance systems. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can employ the Securifi Almond 3, an all-in-one gadget which holds a Wi-Fi router together with a security hub and monitor. It is suitable for fragmented environments, or startups that possess limited funds.



Where there is smoke…

Fire safety is paramount to your mission of creating a secure workplace. Nest Protect Smoke + CO2 alarm is a small piece of tech magic which, plugs into existing detectors and makes them smart. So, for just $35, you can enable your smoke alarm to send notifications to your smart phone in case an emergency breaks out. On the other hand, businessmen who want to achieve the impeccable safety of their data should check out the storage solutions such as IoSafe 1513 NAS RAID. They handle massive data and keep operating in extreme temperatures and in the wake of natural disasters like floods.

Securing the perimeter

Retail merchandising no longer needs to struggle with preventing the theft of goods that are put on open display. Merchandise protection systems are tailored to a wide array of products such as clothing, bottles, tech equipment, books, food items, etc. The pedestals fit in the narrowest of entrances and wide s supermarket openings, and the electronic article surveillance (EAS) serves as a perimeter defense, making it impossible for people to walk away with stolen goods. Also, versatile counter security screens have proven to be extremely useful for workers in public spaces such as museums, post offices, libraries, heritage sites, etc.

Public area of service

Under lock and key

There are many products designed to automate the workplace security, and sometimes they take the smallest of forms. While the old-fashioned locks are easy prey for seasoned burglars, smart ones allow you to use old keys if you want, but also require you to enter the appropriate code. Some gadgets have dedicated apps and even mount the break-in alarms. The lock manufactured by Kevo provides access to workers who have an authorization on their smartphone, while August Smart Lock represents a key-less Bluetooth device for manipulating your office door with a tap of the finger.

On the safe side

At our workplaces, we are faced with various stress-inducers, and there is no need for security flaws to add fuel to the fire.  Nothing is completely fail-safe, but at least you can manage and mitigate the risk for everyone in the premises.  Take advantage of remote controlling the gadgets from a single application, and calms the nerves. Also, educate and train the workers and instruct them on how to follow the best security practices. You should be able to ensure their maximum engagement and performance and protect your valuable assets.


There are a range of smart alarms available from Chinavasion that are suitable for all your home and security needs as they combining PIR sensors, smoke detectors, door sensors and other montioring systems to keep your property safe and sound when you’re not around.

This guest post was written by Lana Hawkins, an architecture student from Sydney who’s hobbies include cooking and crafting, she regularly blogs for Smooth Decorator.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.7.2016. | 09:25
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