Why You Shouldn’t Be Without A Tire Pressure Gauge…

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.12.2007. | 14:26

Solar Powered Digital Tire Gauge

New Car Gadget From China

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Solar Powered Digital Tire Gauge  

I had just begun my second year at university and I had bought a reasonably priced used car…

I had gotten the grades: now I was getting the car.

But I wasn’t about to drive off into the sunset without a helpful dose of fatherly ear-lip service (his lips and my ear). Prior to buying the car, during the buying process and during the ride home, Dad explained to me, ad NAUSEAM, about the responsibility involved in owning a car.

Relating to me every experience he’s had on the road and including a few that sounded as if only plausible on an episode of the Twilight Zon. So, a little apprehensive of the open roads but absolutely terrified that my Dad would stop paying the insurance premiums. I decided to kit my car with every safety gadget imaginable…

I had a military style lock box that I kept bandages, medicine, flashlight, raincoat, D batteries, spark plugs, motor oil, antifreeze, tent, snake bite kit, even sutures for sewing up stitches! …. I thought I had everything. That was until the day a couple of my friends and I decided to go on a 200 mile road trip to some place we heard had a high concentration of young women with loose morals.

Just before leaving, one of my friends mentioned that we should check the tire pressure. I said OK and simply kicked the tires thinking innocently that a good bouncy feeling was indicative of adequate pressure.

I would be kicking myself later.

About a half-hour into the trip I have two blown-out tires that could have been avoided and 3 young men with angry libidos that I have to placate, definitely not one of the things Dad mentioned.

I’m all grown up now (sort of) and better understand the benefits of good tire maintenance. Good pressure equals a better mile per gallon ratio, less tread wear for longer lasting tires and helps prevent experience like mine from happening to you. Chinavasion has a no MOQ policy and the ability to blind ship the Solar Powered Digital Tire Gauges to you anywhere in the world. 🙂


  • Selectable Pressure Settings: Psi, Bar, Kpa, Kg/cm2

  • Display: Backlit Dot Matrix LCD

  • Built in LCD Light

  • Built in Extendable Depth Ruler for Tire Tread

  • Built in Solar Recharging Panel

  • Power Source: Built in Solar Recharged Lithium Battery

  • Dimension: 140x37x15mm (LxWxD)

  • Manufacturer Ref.: 7UQHUQJRH5TL



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    Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.12.2007. | 14:26
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