5 Woodworking Apps You Must Have

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.6.2016. | 10:08

As times change and our dependence on our phones grows, it’s not surprising to find that woodworkers too have apps that would help to change and improve their lives. These days, there are apps created for woodworkers relating to calculators and reference tools, apart from some for project plans, video libraries and design tools.

The woodworking apps you must have these days include:

For iOS users

WoodMaster: At $7.99, this app is feature-rich and comes with an inherent suite of tools that emphasize on math, conversions and reference material. What stands out among all its features include the Board foot calculator that allows you to calculate board feet and multiply it by the price for this app, among other things.


  • Fractional calculator: It has a fractional calculator in numeric and slide rule styles, of which the latter is easy and fast to use.
  • Golden ratio: This feature comes with a simple calculator that tells you the golden ratio of any measurement you enter.
  • Nail size/screw size companions: This provides an in-depth guide for size pilot holes that one should drill depending on the screw size, shank size and common nail sizes.

Basic Angle Finder: This app comes to users with two benefits–first, it’s free and secondly it is easy to use. Users get to work with a digital measurement that finds out angles. Its star feature is the one that deals with calibration. It lets users delete or “zero out” a particular angle to any given surface.

So, you can put your iPhone on your table top near the blade, set the calibration and place the iPhone near the saw blade to measure the blade angle top in relation to the top surface of the table saw. Okay, it’s not as accurate as a woodworker might be looking for, but it’s very nearly so. On an average, it is consistent with a standalone digital angle gauge to a maximum of +/- 0.3?, which could be perfect in certain situations.

These two apps are only available on these platforms–iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch systems. Since Android is extremely popular, here are some apps compatible with this platform.

Woodworking App


For Android users

Woodworking Utilities: This free app is used for calculation and conversion and as a pilot hole guide.

Woodworking Calculators: Priced at $4.99, this tool comes with a host of calculators that can solve the maximum number of woodworking math problems. Its functions include calculators for golden ration, fractions, board feet, right triangle measurements and ellipse design. A pilot hole guide is also included.

The Woodshop Widget: Comfortably priced at $3.99, this app is valuable for its suite of modules launched from just one console. Its features include:

  • Decimal to Fraction: Apart from being one of the in-built suite of tools, this feature also reduces fractions–something that’s very handy in a shop. Here are some of its best features:
  • Wood comparisons: Through this feature, woodworkers can get useful information about a gamut of wood species at a glance, e.g. stability, hardness and density. You can also compare wood species and decide which one is harder or more stable.
  • Shellac calculator: This calculator simplifies the process of mixing shellac to a specified cut. If the user specifies a cut, the calculator provides the ratio of alcohol to shellac that’s best for this cut. If woodworkers use shellac occasionally, this tool would be of immense help to them.
  • This app is available to Android and iOS users.

For woodworkers looking for a saving in time and effort, it’s well worth investing in any one of these apps if not all.

This guest post was written by John Clax, a seasoned freelance content writer and blogger. When he is not playing golf, he is writing for his blog thebasicwoodworking.com. JC has been writing for over ten years now!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.6.2016. | 10:08
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