The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Right Service to Convert PDF to Word

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.6.2016. | 13:41

There are plenty of free tools to convert Word documents into PDF formats. However, converting PDFs into Word format is an entirely different story.

The complexity of extracting text from PDFs  and converting it into a Word readable format makes it a bit hard to find the perfect-fit service, especially when you are dealing with business documents. In business, you don’t want to lose even a single bit of information during the conversion process.

Therefore, the converter you end up using should guarantee you a hundred percent success rate, and not some half-hearted attempt to convert the documents into Word documents.

Imagine converting a PDF sales agreement into a Word file only to realize that the converter left out important details such as the name of the seller or the buyer? While you can manually fill in the details yourself, suppose the agreement is hundreds of pages long, and you have a dozen instances to edit manually! The amount of work involved is huge, which makes such an application worthless given your objectives.

Therefore, before settling on an application to convert PDF to Word, there are a few things you should have at the back of your mind.




  1. Fail Rate

How likely is it to get the job done using the converter? While there’s no true way of knowing, there are several things that can point to the success rate of an online PDF to Word converter. First, you can check out what other people are saying about the service.

Most likely, there are tons of user reviews, unless of course you are using a new service. The feedback will show how reliable the converter is, its limitations and where it excels.

Reading the reviews is an excellent way of making sure you’re not starting down a dead end.


  1. First Impressions

When you get to the converter’s website, how does it feel? Is it a professionally-made internet site? Is it a site that invokes confidence? Or is it a sloppy web page that leaks of advertisements?

If you come across a PDF to Word converter webpage ridden with ads, chances are you won’t get much done there. The site is mostly structured to lure in unsuspecting visitors and blast them with all sorts of advertisements in the hope they’ll click on one of the ads.

The look and feel of the site should help you find a working site quickly.


  1. Social Proof

While not always a must, social proof is another indicator of the trust levels people have in the service. If there’s some chatter on social media about how well a particular converter works, then the chances are that the converter gets the job done, and then some.

Lack of social chatter may point to the fact that the service is not well known. However, negative references of the converter on social media are almost enough proof to refrain from using the documents.

Following the above checklist should help you find the right converter for your business needs. If all else fails, you can ask your business network for references.

This guest post was written by Daniel Mattei, a freelance content writer. He has written many articles on how to merge Word documents into PDF. To learn more, please visit his site.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.6.2016. | 13:41
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