Tried & Tested Ways to Boost Cell Phone Reception

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.6.2016. | 14:59

These days mobile phones have become our lifelines, and we just can’t function without them. As such occasional call drops, incomprehensible speech, week signals, poor reception or simply no connection can be really annoying. Poor cell phone connectivity is usually due to interference from a signal blocking material or fault with the carrier. The good news is that it can easily be improved. Here are some tried and tested ways to help you boost cell phone reception, quickly and easily. With these easy tips you will no longer have to get frustrated when your call drops or messages refuse to send. Take a peek and make your life easier with these quick hacks.

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Remove any obstruction

You may have noticed cell phone reception is especially weak when you are in your basement or at some underground parking facility. This is because cell phone networks are sensitive to obstructions that can easily blog and erode their signals. If there is any sort of obstruction, the signal might just bounce off causing weak or no reception. The chances of good reception are higher in an open area so try changing your location if your phone is receiving weak signals. Moving outside or opening a window might help. If not, elevate your position to be clear of obstructions.

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Use a smart signal booster

Signal boosters are devices that capture your present signal and amplify them to boost reception and provide a stronger signal in the area. Cell phone signal booster for homes are said to boost reception up to thirty two times, thereby improving reception and connectivity. Signal boosters are also designed to bypass obstructions and to improve signal strength. It is a perfect solution to indoor network problems where changing your locations isn’t feasible.

Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling allows you to communicate via calls or messages over a Wi-Fi network. Even if your cell phone reception is zero and you are able to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi you can easily receive and place calls. It works transparently and as long as you are receiving a strong Wi-Fi signal you can still make calls and send messages. Applications like Viber allow you to access to free Wi-Fi calling.

Find the nearest mast and reset your phone

The closer someone is to a mobile tower, the stronger will the signals be. Since mobile phones do not themselves connect to the nearest mobile tower, you will need to manually reset your phone. If you know where your nearest mast is located, you can reset your phone to connect to the nearest mobile tower instead of receiving signals from a distant one and get better reception.

Telecom tower

Get applications that improve reception

There are a plethora of both free and paid mobile applications that are specially designed to boost your cell phone reception. These applications search and identify the strongest signal in the nearby location and automatically connect your phone to provide you a stronger network connection.

These hacks are definitely going to help you boost your cell phone reception, but in case you still experience weak signals you might want to switch your service provider.

This guest post was written by Alisha Chinoy, a tech writer with interests in traveling, reading and to get knowledge about new gadgets in the market. She started out her career as a travel writer and slowly expanded her reach to other horizons of the writing world.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.6.2016. | 14:59
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