How to Disable OK Google On Your Android Smartphone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.6.2016. | 09:59

“OK Google” is the default pass-phrase to activate Google Now using your voice. Once you say the words “OK Google,” your Android phone or tablet will activate a Google Now search before listening in and taking note of further voice commands.

This allows you to run a variety of commands, from asking random trivia questions and searching for dinner recipes to calling someone on your contact list and activating a specific app from those installed on your device. Here’s are some of the more popular Google Now voice commands

However, not everyone may want or need to use “OK Google” voice activation and may wish to turn off “OK Google” on their phone or tablet PC device. Whether you’re not a big fan of voice commands or you don’t like the prospect of your phone listening in on your conversations, here is how to turn off “OK Google” on your device:

Disable OK Google from Device Settings

Select “Settings” on your phone.

Look for the “General” tab and tap it.

If your phone doesn’t have a “General” tab under settings, skip this part and move to the next step .

Tap “Language and Input”.

This may sometimes be found under the “Personal” section of some devices.

Look for “Google Voice Typing”. Tap the Settings icon.

Some devices use a cog icon to indicate the Settings section.

Look for “OK Google” detection. Move on to the “From The Google App” section, and slide the bar to the left. This should disable “OK Google” on your phone.




Disable OK Google from the Google App

Tap the “Google App” icon to activate the app.

Tap the “Menu” icon located at the top-left section of the app.

Select “Settings”, then “Voice”, and finally “OK Google Detection”

Disable “OK Google” Detection.

This is where you can also instruct the Google App when to listen in for an “OK Google” command, like when any screen is open or only when the Google App is activated.



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.6.2016. | 09:59
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  1. richard wright March 29, 20:31

    I did all this however the app still starts up by itself when I am not using it, mostly when I am listening to music

    I have the setting set to off however they do not stay off

  2. Silvy B May 9, 08:35

    doesn’t work…all the settings are off and do not come back on, however when I say “OK Google”, the app starts right up

  3. Stephen July 22, 05:29

    I had the same issue with my Motorola Maxx.
    Try this.
    1. Go to your phone settings.
    2. Go to Touchless Controls
    3.Uncheck Touchless control.

    Voiceless search will still work but ok Google doesn’t.

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