Ecommerce 101: How To Convert JPG TO PDF

Author xlxmarketing 8.3.2010. | 10:55

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There’s not one person on the internet that doesn’t know what a PDF is.

A Portable Document Format (AKA PDF) is a very common format that is used in office / business show off user manuals or leaflets in such a way that they look good, don’t take up too much space, and can never be scrambled by different programs.

For this reason it’s usually the preferred method for getting documents to customers, especially when you are dealing with instruction manuals that can have complex diagrams.

I thought this wasn’t possible without the help of a scanner, till I saw a great post by Redferret on a piece of software called Snapter (

Snapter offers people a free 14 day trial and looks very swish but another option that is available is a program called Simpo PDF has a free version which is available for an unlimited time (

Once software is selected, downloaded and installed it looks so simple that you could probably do it with one hand tied behind your back!

Step 1.



Picture of page copy

Place your document on a dark background ( a black non-reflective table top will do just fine and some have even got away with using a navy-colored jumper)

Step 2.


Take a picture of each page of the document with your camera.

The software has some paramaters it needs to work within and you need to make sure of the following things:

  • The entire document is inside the frame
  • The background is uniform
  • There’s nothing else in the image
  • If you are scanning a book the book is in the middle of the frame


Step 3.



Before_conversion small

Load all pages into the software and press the “convert” button. This is just for Simpo and, if you have found a different program, the word may be different but it is likely to do the same thing.

Step 4.


Some software, like Simpo, provides a merge option so you can have one PDF file that contains all the pages of your document with three or four simple clicks.

Step 5.


Now go to your boss/client, give them the PDF and say how you spent ‘hours’ putting this document together just for them. It is sure to win you major brownie points.

And while PDFs might not be scannable for text they do register with people more as being more authoritative than a JPG while being (slightly) smaller.

Don’t let the lack of a flatbed scanner hold you back from digitalizing all customer service resources in your collection. Take one of these programs and impress your customer and if you have a similar program which you think is better please let us know in the comments below because sharing is caring.

Author xlxmarketing 8.3.2010. | 10:55
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