Free Giveaway – Top 5 Android Smart Watches in Chinavasion!

Author Dragan Berak 17.6.2016. | 13:09

Congratulations to Victor V. Tran! Thanks for you love for No.1 D6, you will win it for free!

Please send us message with your email address to claim the gift within 3 days. If we didn’t receive your message, we will regard it as a quitclaim for gift. Thanks for entering Chinavasion giveaway!


As we know, the first digital electronic watch was developed in the 1970 and the concept of smart watch didn’t come to our life until the 2000’s.  The smart watch market has really taken off in last couple of years. Nowadays, There is a huge array of smart watches filling our shopping list. How to choose the right one you need most? Well today, we will introduce you to 5 top Android smart watches available at Chinavasion, all of which have excellent specifications, hopefully this will help you decide and narrow the choice.

After you watch the video, you will have a chance to win one of your favorite from these Top 5 smart watches. All you need to do is tell us which one you like most and why, leave a comment below and on the YouTube video.



How to enter this giveaway?

  1. Watch the video
  2. Leave a comment of which you like most and why below video.
  3. Winner will have his/her favorite watch.

The Expiration Date: July 10, 2016



smart watch 05

Smart watch giveaway!

Author Dragan Berak 17.6.2016. | 13:09
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  1. David Johl June 17, 14:08

    Round watch seems to be the best to integrate

  2. dopexx69 June 17, 15:39

    I like the No.1 D5 smart watch. I like it becuse its round and not that big

  3. Paul Lindholm June 17, 15:42

    I like the NO.1 D5 smart watch. I like it becuse its round and not that big.

  4. Liu Kui June 17, 22:46

    No.1 D6 3G Smart Watch

  5. Rak June 18, 20:38

    No.1 D6 3G Smart Watch

  6. Hamid Mehmood June 19, 01:12

    i like No.1 D6 3G smart watch bcoz it has Android 5.1 lolypop and 1GB ram which makes it fast and also design is good.

  7. Sam Mukherje June 19, 10:09

    The No.1 D5 smartwatch (round). I earlier thought that the above comments were recency bias (i.e. the D5 was the last one demoed), but the D6 and the Ordro came after it. While some others may have better specs or features, the user interface of the D5, as well as its overall appearance seem to be the nicest and cleanest.

  8. lars wiesner June 19, 22:02

    My favourite is the no.1 d5 because the round design for me the design is one of the important things for a smartwatch because its like all other normal watches a asscesoir.

  9. lars wiesner June 19, 22:03

    i like the no.1 d5 because the round desgin

  10. Gerald Martinez June 20, 03:01

    I’d Compare & do research those 5 amazing smart watch..there’s a special edge each of everyone ,so far for me the most & meet my standard benefits nowadays was the ” Ordro SW18 android smart watch” with MTK6572 processor alongside of 512 RAM i think its quite already smooth operating for smart watch as it doesn’t need to be hell fast cpu as the main used was the time checking itself other feature are just bonus! another great spec with this watch was its IP67 waterproof! as it real contender for outdoor activities. about the design pretty like the quite bulky brown leathered bracelet along with its rose gold watch itself great color combinations give classy looks!

  11. Ivy Jiang June 20, 14:06

    Thanks for all the comment. But if you want to join the giveaway! Please go to Youtube video to leave comment. Leave comment in youtube video, not in these blog.

  12. GAN CHEE KIAN June 20, 19:33

    No1 D5 is beautiful and stylist smartwatch . This added in my wishlist.

  13. Kriton Grigoriou June 22, 05:47

    For me nr.5 watch as it is the best overall that you showed us!!

  14. Neil r June 22, 07:41

    Ordro SW 18 most stylish of the 5 choices

  15. Neil Rees June 22, 07:43

    Ordro SW 18 the most stylish of the 5 choices

  16. Breda Delaney June 22, 11:58

    I like the android 5.1 watch.

  17. Breda Delaney June 22, 12:00

    I like the a android 5.1 watch.

  18. IOANNIS PENTSIOS June 22, 12:06

    No1 D5 is the most beautiful watch.

  19. Akis June 22, 12:47

    I like the No.1 D5 smart watch. I like it becuse its round and not that big

  20. Paul Jones June 22, 12:50

    Water resistance is a good option

  21. Juanjo June 22, 13:56

    I do love the one that comes with Android 5

  22. ???????? ????????? June 22, 18:41

    No1 D5 is the most beautiful watch.

  23. Naved Alam Farooqui June 23, 03:02

    D5 is excellent complete smart watch comparing to high end costly counter parts at a fraction of price.
    Uncontested winner

  24. Hemant R Khatri June 23, 18:55

    I like the Ordro SW18 Smart Watch Phone, because it looks elegant, its not too big in size, has a leather belt & is waterproof….

  25. Dmitriy Sukhanov June 23, 22:17

    I like No.1 D5!

  26. Lori Bahn June 24, 10:58

    No.1 D6 3G Smart Watch

  27. Dmytro Shvets June 24, 18:35

    I like the No.1 D5 smart watch. I like it because its round and small

  28. Baharudin Hashim June 25, 09:31

    No.1 D6 3G Android Smart Watch is the BEST !.
    Its equip with latest Android 5.1 O with easy simple navigation & lots of functionality. Ram is 1 GB which make it really fast which come with touch screen pen. Awesome Wear Gadget !

  29. Christian Lee June 27, 19:03

    No.1 D5 the round edge smart watch

  30. Christian Lee June 27, 19:04

    No 1. D5 round watch the best

  31. Sinthuja Sarma June 30, 23:50

    I like most iMacwear SPARTA M7 Smart Watch.
    Because This is an amazing Smart Watch. Function are same android phone. Looks sporty and elegant. I hope comfort on my wrist. I like it. Great giveaway.
    Thanks @Chinavasion for this chance. I wish to win it.

  32. Qboss July 3, 15:54

    I like the most No.1 D6 3G Smart Watch because it is not too thick and has Android 5.1

  33. Rashid MH July 3, 23:29

    zpax s8 is my favourite from the list because of its design and specialy its camera which can be helpful to record some important videos without anyboday knowing 😀

  34. Rashid MH July 3, 23:31

    zpax s8 is my favourite from the list becasue of its design and specially its camera which can be helpful to record some important videos whithout anybody knowing 😀

  35. Qboss July 9, 15:56

    I like the most No.1 D6 3G Smart Watch because it is not too thick and has Android 5.1?

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