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Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.6.2016. | 17:56

As technology is evolving non-stop every day, so is the need for technology professionals. These professionals are software engineers who design and guide the development of programs that computers use to make our lives much easier. Acquiring a formal education and a degree is a must to land a great job with a large pay sum but that’s just the start, Even the software engineers are not untouched by the changing technology, they have to constantly be in touch with the new variations in technology and update themselves accordingly.

And it is all the more necessary when the software being developed is for a mobile device as every day we find advanced models and brands of mobiles being bombarded in the technology market.


Mobile app development

As more and more mobiles devices are taking over the monopoly of the desktops and laptops computers, websites are being replaced by an identical version in the form of apps. These apps are mobile friendly and also contain similar content as that of a website. So it is necessary for businesses, as well as software developers to design more of mobile apps as compared to websites. Such services are rendered by visiting software outsourcing companies such as

But creating an acceptable (if not the best) mobile apps is easier said than done. Everyday numerous apps are introduced in the market by various small and big software developers. But not all of them work well or will become successful.

Below are some tips that would be helpful to any mobile app developer:

  1. Understanding the market:

Before developing a particular app, a detailed market analysis is unavoidable. The reports of such market analysis put light on the similar apps already available and the reasons for their success or failure. It also shows the competition rate among developers. This is also helpful to understand the general need and problem areas of the apps in this market. With the help of all this we are able to avoid the mistakes early on, which could prove to be a success factor for our app.


  1. Target your audiences:

It is beneficial to understand our target audiences before starting an app development. For example what group of people is going to use the app, what would be the age bracket of these people,  how will it help them, all such questions are crucial and need to be answered in order to make a successful app.


  1. Always test the app before delivery:

This is a major criterion that should be fulfilled by any app developer. Imagine the horror of an untested app entering the market and something going wrong. The app would be declared a failure even before it has a chance to prove itself and it could easily tarnish the reputation of a company. Testing therefore is a must and its not just before delivery, an app will be constantly tested through its development phased to ensure each function works correctly and that all functions interact with each other as designed.


  1. Finalize a budget:

Developing mobile software needs financial support every step of the way. So it is necessary to decide on a budget that is enough to successfully develop and market an app. It is helpful if a small committee is allotted the responsibility to keep a check on the budget.


  1. Responsive properties:

With the onslaught of various types of viewing devices available in the technological world, it should be high priority for any app developer to develop software that is responsive to any given form of viewing devices used by the user. This provides an excellent user experience and becomes an important factor in the success of any app.

There is nothing like free lunch, in the same way developing an app does not come easy. It requires utmost dedication on the part of a developer to reach the success of an app. So no matter if your making your first or last app, going it alone or working the a huge team of coders keep the above tims in mind and your app will stand a better change of success.

This guest post was written by Anna Garland, the community manager at ignite, an Israeli software outsourcing company which provides world-class custom software development services. She is passionate about IT entrepreneurship, startup ideas and all things about online marketing. You can drop Anna a line on Facebook for a quick chat on any of these topics. Connect with @igniteoffshore on Twitter.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.6.2016. | 17:56
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