6 Reasons To Get A Smart Car DVD Player

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.6.2016. | 15:23

When it comes to car DVD players, you have two options: ‘dumb’ variants or ‘smart’ variants. The latter is basically a computer with its own operating system, most often Android.

So… why should you pick a smart DVD player for your car in the first place? What advantages will you get? Here are some of the more important ones:


Play Stored Audio And Video Media. A car DVD player will need DVDs, but smart DVD players let you store a variety of movies for you to watch even without the source DVDs. This lets you save up a bunch of movies in your in-car DVD player for you or your passengers to view at a moment’s notice. You can even hook up an external hard disk drive (HDD) to store dozens (even hundreds) of movies without having to mess around with a bulky DVD wallet.


Play A Wider Array of Video Formats. Speaking of video, the average DVD players can only recognize a limited number of file formats – mostly MPEG. With a smart car DVD player though, you can significantly expand the formats you can view at any given time. AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4, RMVB, OGG – you can install codecs on smart players to enable the device to play videos using these formats.


Connect ToMobile Internet For Streaming Media. If you’re subscribed to a carrier that offers mobile Internet, you can connect your car DVD player to your phone or a wireless modem router. Imagine being able to play YouTube videos on the screen of a headrest DVD player, or listening to podcasts and audiobooks from your in-dash DVD player. This gives you access to a treasure trove of fresh content beyond what a normal DVD player can provide.


Install Games That Passengers Can Play. Speaking of content, smart DVD players running on the Android operating system have a wealth of mobile games to play with. Pair it up with a wireless Bluetooth controller, and back-seat passengers will be able to keep themselves busy while playing games. This wireless controller system works exceptionally well when the DVD players are further away from the passengers, as is the case with rear-mirror DVD players.


Find Your Way Around With A GPS Navigation System. If your car doesn’t have a built-in GPS navigation system, then all you need to do is install a GPS navigation app on your smart car DVD player. These apps will use the feed from the GPS system, from the Internet, or both to pinpoint your location and give you directions. You can even install apps that add other information, like nearby traffic jams you’ll want to avoid or nearby attractions you may want to visit.


Use Voice Commands To Get Whatever Info You Need. And last but not the least, you can set up your DVD player to accept voice commands. Google Now has an option which will activate when you say “OK Google.” It will then stand by and accept further voice commands, like searching for information, composing an email, or even making phone calls with a voice app of your choice. This is a must-have option for drivers who can’t take their eyes off the road but need to use their in-car DVD player.




Chinavasion is a Hong Kong-based gadget wholesaler sourcing its products straight from Shenzhen, the manufacturing heart of China. Retailers and consumers alike will be able to avail of a wide array of high-tech gizmos, from car DVD players and headrest screens to LED t-shirts and Bluetooth beanie hats.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.6.2016. | 15:23
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  1. xanderone June 22, 10:58

    Android OS is good, yes. But I think there should be a paradigm shift from android to the more productive windows 10 OS when using these gadgets. After all windows CE was the forerunner of in car computing and entertainment and as at today, it is still a very formidable in car computing OS that rivals android. So why not get a full windows 10 OS on these things? I know I love to have that.

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