Best Upcoming Cell Phone Features of 2016

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Cell phones have come a long way since the first bag phone launched in the 90s. What started as a primitive device that kept people in touch with friends and family quickly developed into the masterpieces we have today. Cell phones are lighter, prettier and much smarter than they used to be. In fact, modern mobile phones are so smart that their technologies are surpassing the “wow” category and leaving people in awestruck silence. The upcoming new technologies are not only fun, but also they are useful. The following are the best five upcoming technologies and the reasons that they are so awesome:

Bendable Cell Phone Screens

Samsung is currently working on the technology to create a cell phone screen that is so flexible that it bends. The iPhone 6 has a screen that is slightly bendable, but the consumers did not react to it compellingly. Some consumers do not like surprises, but they get excited about cool features that the manufacturers announce. Samsung says that its bendable screen is going to be paper thin and have 800 x 480-pixel resolution. Consumers will be able to bend this screen in a wavelike manner or an arc-like manner. Samsung is also creating a bendable AMOLED display that can withstand blazing heat. The screen will be able to withstand about 450 degrees of heat. The heat resistance will be good for consumers who are beach goers and accidentally leave their phones in the sunlight.

Asian woman honding a new bendable cell phone

Asian woman handing a new bendable cell phone

Mood Sensing

Mood rings were cool when they first came out because they would change colors according to the wearer’s mood. The primitive mood rings of old worked by detecting the body temperature in the hand. Upcoming phone models will have a technology that is so much more advanced than mood ring technology is. The mood detecting feature will take an assessment of the phone owner’s body temperature, heart rate, facial expression and other information. It will then process this information and determine the change that would be necessary to boost the phone owner’s mood. That change might be a change in the type of song that it is playing or the volume of the song. The phone may automatically pull a humorous picture from the database or a quote from an online source and give it to the phone owner to boost that person’s mood.

Advanced Waterproofing

Water proofing has always been a feature that phone seekers wanted to have in their newest gadgets. Many phones have been released with waterproof capability, and you can waterproof your phone yourself. However, manufacturers like Samsung are taking the whole thing a step further with invisible waterproofing. This waterproofing technology will dig deep instead of just protecting the surface. The phones will come with exterior waterproof material as usual, but the internals will also have special materials. The internal circuits will be saturated with hydrophic coating. The microscopic layer that will be on the internal elements is so tiny that it is almost invisible. Furthermore, the ports will have plastic polymers as their shields. It will almost be impossible for water to permeate with this triple-layered protection.

The idea is to extend the amount of time that a phone can stay submerged in water without getting damaged as much as possible. The new technology can extend the 30-minute time frame of the Galaxy S6 to over an hour of submersion. Extending the length of time a phone can stay under water helps the consumer to avoid phone repair and replacement expenses because of accidents. Neither the toilet nor the pool will have power over the consumer’s phone with this smart and protective technology.

Extreme phone

source: Fotolia

Protective Kill Switch

The upcoming kill switch technology is something that will help victims of phone theft. People who steal cell phones either try to sell them or start using them for fraudulent purposes immediately. The kill switch will allow the cell phone owner to perform a number of remote tasks so that the cell phone thief does not get to follow through with his or her plans. One thing that the kill switch allows is remote data wiping. The phone owner can control the personal data from the remote application.

Another thing that the kill switch feature allows the consumer to do is lock the pin or password, which will render the phone useless. The consumer can then leave the phone useless until someone finds the phone or the thief asks for permission to use the phone. The cell phone owner can also retrieve the personal information that he or she previously wiped out. Retrieving one’s important information after the crisis is over is always a desirable action. The new technology will most likely deter cell phone thieves from wasting their time in the future.

source: Fotolia

source: Fotolia

Improved Biometrics

Biometric technology is one of the most secure technologies around because it uses a person’s unique features to provide access to cell phone applications. Some of the phones like the iPhones have thumbprint ID sensors that allow the users access to certain tasks by reading their fingerprints. The 2016 technology is going to take that technology a step further with the retina scan technology. The new improvements will enable phones to scan the iris of the people who want to use them. The scan will work the same way that a password or pin number works. The consumer will put the phone up to his or her eye instead of typing a pin or password. The phone will scan and then let the person know if he or she is allowed access. Phones like the Galaxy S7 and the G5 model by LG will have this feature with them automatically. Future phones will have the technology if the sales go well.

Biometric mobile payment concept with realistic smartphone with fingerprint login application and credit cards set vector illustration

Biometric mobile payment concept with realistic smartphone with fingerprint login application and credit cards set vector illustration

Cell phone technology will continue to advance for years to come. The day may come when cell phones will be able to cook dinner and get our slippers for us. Until then, we can sit back and enjoy each new years emerging technologies.

This guest post was written by  Myron Dallas, a passionate tech junkie who loves blogging about all topics related to smartphones, gaming gadgets and mobile apps.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.6.2016. | 10:46
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