Best 75-inch, 78-inch and 79-inch Big Screen LED TV Specs and Price

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Nowadays, the best 75 to 79 inches of big screen LED televisions are widely available on the market. But the sizes of these TVs are big enough for the users and definitely satisfy their requirements. Even you can find the assembled best 70-inch, 75-inch, 78-inch and 79-inch LED TVs currently available in the electronic showrooms. These big screen LEDs are applicable with its own specifications and prices that appear on the list. In these days, the big screens TVs are great choice for the users and highly recommended to use in their main living room, turning them into a home cinema or gaming center but are also great for corporate settings in large rooms and presentations.



When it comes to public viewing centers, the 78-inch and 79 inch TVs are better choice to use, which helps a lot of viewers watch the TV clearly and from further away than with smaller TVs. This dimension TV is usually fitted at an above average distance from the viewer than with a normal TV, so it can be easily watched from any viewing area. For gaming consoles, the large screen televisions are the best companions that provide a great support for the users in order to access and play the games more efficiently.

Some of the best features of 70-inch LED TV are given below,

  • It is specially designed for giving amazing home entertainment experience.
  • You can also use in your business premises as well.
  • It has a minimum of full HD 1080 pixels resolution and a 100 Hz screen refresh rate.
  • The display produces crystal-clear pictures via the great balance of color and contrast.
  • This smart TV can also be used for streaming content as well as use the apps online.
  • It also contains a built in browser and the magic remote.

75-inch LED TV specs

The 75-inch LED TV is one of the best choices of smart television, which gives excellent picture quality. It has full HD 1920×1080 ultra clear or better panel with refresh rate of 200Hz. It contains Micro Dimming Pro that promises to significantly offer better contrast than the normal Micro Dimming. This LED TV is made with the advanced clear motion rate technology that can minimize the possibility of experiencing the motion blur while watching fast moving scenes in films, games and sports. Some of the exciting features of 75-inch LED TV are given below,

  • This LED TV is able to use the Skype on the set and also allow the users to split the screen into two or different content.
  • It has a TV soccer mode that makes an awesome choice for someone who operates the viewing center.
  • It also offers the ample connectivity options such as three USB ports and four HDMI ports.
  • It greatly supports the motion control feature that allows you to interact with hand gestures as well as your TV with finger.
  • The 75
  • The voice control is also available on this TV.

78-inch LED TV

The 78-inch LED TV is one of the best premium and smart TVs in the world. This smart TV offers the excellent picture quality with quantum dots that give breathtaking viewing experience. However, this LED TV series can sit on the top of the line. There is no doubt, it is the best 78-inch TV available on the market today. If you would love to enjoy the cinema on your own home, the 78-inch LED TV is a right choice for you that provide the amazing viewing experience compared to commercial cinema complex. It has 4K LED display that measures about 78 inches diagonally with 3840×2160 pixels that will be viewing clear and crisp.

The attractive features of 78-inch LED TV is given below,

  • It has an ultra brilliant panel with direct LED lighting and made with Nano crystal technology that gives amazing cinematic experience.
  • It runs on its own manufacturing operating system with a heavy duty Octa core processor.
  • This smart TV is able to enhance the low resistant content closer with 4K quality.
  • It comes up with an external connect box that enables you to receive the upgrades more efficiently.
  • It also has built-in Wi-Fi that greatly supports the HDR playback.
  • The 78-inch smart TV also contains the four HDMI ports and three USB ports.
  • It is made with curved design that helps to ensure the reflections from lighting on all the sides, which can reduce the highly immersive viewing.
  • This smart TV is powered by the Quad Core Plus processor for providing the powerful performance as well as seamless apps multitasking.
  • The amazing feature of 78-inch smart TV is integrated with WI-Fi that allows you to access the apps and able to browse the web via the wireless connection.


79-inch LED TV

The 79-inch LED TV is one of the most beautiful smart televisions available on the market today. It comes up with stunning 4K ultra HD IPS display, which gives mind-blowing picture clarity and immense wide-angle viewing. This 79-inch screen is powered by the advanced triple XD engine and probably it is the best in class contrast, color and clarity. The eye-catching features of 79-inch LED big screen is given below,

  • It is featured with ultra engine pro upscale for improving the image quality.
  • It is developed with Trumotion technology that makes for less motion blur while viewing the high-speed action scenes.
  • This smart TV allows you to search on the internet with a web browser.
  • When you are watching another channel, you can record a show with time machine and also filter out your opponent.
  • The 79-inch comes with front facing 4.2 channel speaker system and Kardon audio software for the superb sound.
  • This smart TV will definitely meet all your expectations and be sure of what to expect before you buy the particular one.

However, these are all amazing collections of the best 70-inch, 75-inch, 78-inch and 79-inch bog screen LED TV that are available right now on the market. Before buying your favorite LED TV, make sure to check the specifications and prices in order to purchase the best one according to your needs.


This guest post was written by Masha Winget, a technology writer & blogger by profession. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to computer tips & new technologies. Check my site to find all information about famous IP address.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.5.2016. | 13:30
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