Why Chinavasion is More Reliable?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.5.2016. | 10:13

Ever since 2005, Chinavasion has been serving wholesale and dropship customers worldwide. It now has more than 11 years experience working with re-sellers around the globe. Over these years, there have been a lot of E-commerce companies come and go, however Chinavasion has adapted to the changing markets and is still here serving its many customers with premium quality good from China. Chinavasion insists on providing our customer with only high quality products and a good service. I believe it is the main reason why our customer are choosing to grow and stay continue working with us over all these years.

Here we show you just how we strict in we are over controlling our product quality. Maybe it seem like only a slight difference between these products, but it is a big deal to us.

We found that we are selling the Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker at Chinavsion for $9.8 dollars, But on other website, it can be purchased for only $5, with shipping free. What make the price so different!  Well beside the fact that they are using the same pictures as us, even though they don’t have our authority to do so the products are actually very different,  But why?

Mush room 1


We took a look at all the popular purchasing platforms in China and found the cheapest Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker on Alibaba. So we placed an order for one on Alibaba and when it arrived we compared it with the one in our warehouse. Now here you can see the true difference.

Package design – we can see the two items are almost the same design and same text in the packaging. But when you hold it in your hand, you can feel the one in the right side has a better quality packaging, the plastic is thicker and more durable capable of protecting the product in storage and through the post.

mush room 2


mush room 3




Feeling – when you hold each of the mushroom speakers, the right one is more sophisticated. Both mushroom speakers’ are covered in a rubber materiel, but there are still different the right one, which is better to the touch and has a softer and thicker rubber, better to protect it and making it more comfortable to use.


Mush room 5


Smelling – Both of the speakers have a slight pungent smell, this is just the rubber smell, but just like that new car smell this will dissipate with time.

Mush room 4


Good Workmanship – The edges of the mushroom which we bought from Alibaba at a cheaper price is rough the finish is not as good as the one from Chinvasion. careful examination shows imperfections in the molding of plastic that has occurred from poor assembly.

Mush room 6


Weight – The weight of the speaker from Chinavasion is heavier than from Alibaba shown on the left.  The speakers are both the same size but the weight difference is due to inferior quality of the speaker.

Mush room 7

Music – The mushroom speaker from Chinavasion has less noise interference and the sound is louder and clearer.  Even though, it is not a high price speaker, the mushroom speaker from Chinavasion offers  a high quality audio that when used for hands free calls is much better that the cheaper version from Alibaba which suffers from poor signal strength and lower audio clarity that’s plagued by background noise and interference.

Bluetooth – The Bluetooth of Alibaba Speaker will disconnect if the distance extend over 5 meters. More over, the Bluetooth will disconnect time to time even though you don’t touch it. It was not a pleasure shopping expensive in Alibaba.




Since we’ve built up Chinavasion, all of our actions and service have this mission and vision. It is this trust and dedication to only supplying the best products we can find that marks us apart from the competition.

This is who we are and a large part of what makes us successful.

Chinavasion Mission

To be the leading online partner of high quality electronics & gadgets from China by offering competitive prices and exceptional service.

Chinavasion Vision

To show the world sincerity in business quality in electronics & gadgets and excellence in service from China.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.5.2016. | 10:13
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  1. Heidi Ellefsen June 4, 00:22

    Yes, I agree with this post. I have bought a few products from Chinavasion for selling at my metal detector website and the products was ok.

  2. Amilcar June 4, 00:33

    it is always true of good quality products
    customer for several years and I never had a problem

  3. Denis Langevin June 4, 01:43

    I have been relatively pleased with Chinavasion but I buy much more from GearBest because they offer a much bigger variety of products at similar prices as Chinavasion. GearBest is also a Chinese company.

  4. Hussain June 4, 05:28

    I was one of the early customer with chinavasion they do stand behind their product and serve quality, it’s true as a shopper looking for better deal but on web base shopping trust must be what you look after and they way customer service integrated with you.
    Thanks Chinavasion
    Hussain from UAE

  5. GEORGE June 4, 20:18

    All your products are very good but must again to think about the transport cost . They are very expensive compared with ali BABA . When a product costing 40 dollars and by mail 15 dollars plus there is certainly problem . Because I do a lot of orders in the past with you I have been pleased to products.

  6. James Mash June 6, 09:34

    Thank you for the honest feedback John. We are striving to improve our shipping times and have been making some good progress this year https://blog.chinavasion.com/index.php/39266/chinavasion-shipping-speed-jan-2016/
    We know that price and speed are critical component for many of our customers and hope we can continue to improve as we go forward. While we may never be able to offer better shipping prices than goods stored locally and shipped within your own country we hope our improved personal service and quality can make up for this.

  7. James Mash June 6, 09:37

    Thank you Hussain,
    We know we may lack in competitive prices, however we believe we can deliver a better service as you have experienced yourself.

  8. Ivy Jiang June 6, 10:09

    Thanks for all the feedback. To follow Chinavasion mission and vision, we insist in providing the high quality product. Even though, it has a lot of similar cheap gadgets in the China Marketing. But we know what our customer need and what they want.

    Most orders can be shipped out within 24 hours which most other platform such Gearbest, Alibaba can’t have such short delivery time.

    Also, You can contact with our customer in any situation at any time.

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