Five Advantages of CCTV Cameras

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.6.2016. | 09:27

CCTV is used globally to monitor and transmit video surveillance of specific areas. The advantages of this monitoring are numerous. Here is a look at the principal benefits of installing CCTV cameras in the home, business, motorways, train stations and congested areas such as airports.

The Ability to Protect your Employees and Customers

As a business owner you are responsible to look after both your patrons and those that work for you. The use of CCTV will allow you to protect anyone present on your commercial premises. This is especially important if you, or someone on your premises, are assaulted on your premises. The presence of CCTV also acts as an effective deterrent as the chances of being clearly identified are high, especially with the powerful digital cameras that are available these-days.

CCTV analog v HD

CCTV analog v HD cameras

The Ability to Protect your Business from Lawsuits

CCTV can also protect your business from unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of your good nature. Patrons have been known to put objects in their food to get a free meal or strategically pour water on the floor causing a slip and claim compensation. CCTV allows business-owners to monitor any fraudulent activity and prevent any false accusations and legal claims.


The Ability to Monitor Employees

Employers must trust their employees. This is essential for any business – sadly no business is safe from theft, fraud or conduct that is not befitting a professional environment. If you’ve encountered fraud or theft before then you’ll understand the annoyance, frustration and deflated feelings that result in the action. In some cases monitoring employees is a prudent course of action. An additional bonus is that you’ll be able to keep abreast of the goings-on in your business and monitor productivity.


The Ability to Eradicate Crime Altogether

As mentioned earlier one of the primary benefits of CCTV is that it’ll completely eradicate any criminal activity in your workplace. Indeed, no matter if you work in a restaurant, retail store or office environment, the employment of CCTV will allow you to identify the perpetrator clearly and deter anyone considering commitment an offense. Many thieves will try to avoid ares covered by cameras so they can be a good deterrent to those who are tempted to steal.

Car Thieve Edit

The Ability to Monitor Traffic and Public Areas

CCTV is employed frequently to monitor traffic and areas of public congestion. This monitoring is especially useful in identifying hit and run accidents, if the perpetrator has fled the scene. CCTV can allow you keep a close eye on large crowded areas too big to monitor on foot such as parking lots.
licence plate reg camera


As you can see there is a wealth of benefits to installing CCTV cameras. If you’re considering whether or not to erect CCTV solutions why not contact Cinnte Technologies today for expert advice.

This guest post was submitted by Enda Murray of Cinnte Technologies, who have been installing CCTV systems in the Northeast of Ireland for the past 5 years. They specialize in installing High Definition CCTV, Domestic CCTV & Commercial CCTV  cameras.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.6.2016. | 09:27
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  1. Kyle Winters March 30, 08:17

    I didn’t realize that a cctv security system could be used for so many different things in a business. I especially like that monitoring the employees made it onto the list. After all, it is often employees who can cause the most problems in a workplace.

  2. akshita September 9, 13:54

    Hello, I think this information is best about cctv.

  3. Betty Zhou January 12, 21:32

    There are many advantages of CCTV Security Cameras one of which you can also add among the list is that householders feel safer and are more protected if they have CCTV security systems installed in their homes. Businesses, and with them livelihoods, are protected from theft and monetary loss by the use of CCTV security systems.

  4. Jenna Hunter June 27, 07:03

    Thanks for the five advantages of CCTV cameras. I can imagine that being able to protect your business is important to owners. It could be really helpful for someone to get a professionals help.

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