What Defines a Good E-Commerce Website?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.5.2016. | 15:34

At its heart, e-commerce is all about buying and selling stuff on the Internet. There are many ways business can be conducted, from email and fax to social media and VOIP clients.A website, however,is the most common tool for facilitating trade. It requires the least amount of active oversight on the seller’s part, and is also pretty convenient for buyers – but only if the e-commerce website does what it’s supposed to.

So the question now is, what defines a good e-commerce website in the first place?

Source: www.lifehack.org

Source: www.lifehack.org

Log-In, Shopping Cart, and Checkout.

This is the meat and bones of any e-commerce website – their raison d’être. Users need to be able to set up an account that saves their shopping information. They then need to collect all their items in a convenient “basket” as they shop around your site. Finally, they need to be able to check out their purchases to complete the transaction. These three features define e-commerce websites, and they need to work flawlessly for users to seal the deal.


Clean And Professional Appearance.

Users will absorb a lot of information in the first few seconds they spend on your e-commerce website. If they see a cluttered, amateurish site that is clearly cut out from a standard template, they are more likely to lose trust and move on to another store. If your site is clean and designed to look professional though, they’ll be more comfortable doing actual business with you.


Strong Brand Identity.

Another notable component of a good e-commerce website is its association with your brand. Users should be able to instantly identify your website as distinct from your competitors, which is why you need to invest in a recognizable logo and attractive but distinctive web design.


Strong Search Functions.

While you may promote products on the front page of your e-commerce site, users should still be able to find a product that they’re looking for. This is why e-commerce sites needs to support in-store search. That search box also needs to be visible enough so that users will be able to spot it as soon as they visit the site – preventing the frustration of having to go through the entire website page by page.


Gives Users More Options to Choose From.

A good e-commerce site should be able to work with multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple payment methods. This is an extremely important part of a good e-commerce experience now that trade is becoming more global and people are exploring the Internet using different devices.


Consistent, Reliable User Experience.

Users should be able to have the same shopping experience no matter what device, language, currency, or sales channels they use. Uniformity helps users feel as if they are being treated the same, no matter who they or where they come from.


Lets You See Important Stats at a Glance.

On the administration side, an e-commerce site should have an admin page that lets you oversee sales, inventory, order management, shipping status, and other important statistics at a glance. The ability to review this data in real time lets you better understand which changes to your business work – as well as those which don’t.


Automates Most Everything For You.

A good e-commerce website should be able to handle everything – from processing orders to sending out shipments – without human oversight. This not only makes things more convenient for users, but also frees up manpower on your end to focus on other tasks like marketing or reviewing operations.


Accessible Anytime, Anywhere.

A cloud-based e-commerce platform lets you check up on your business no matter where you are or what device you are using. You could oversee your operations while in the office, in front of a desktop or laptop computer, or while on the commute back home using your tablet or smart phone.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.5.2016. | 15:34
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  1. Valerie July 1, 10:12

    To sustain in the market I think brick and mortar store is also important along with ecomm website.

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