The Latest Trends in Computer Keyboards

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.5.2016. | 11:33

Like many aspects of technology, computer keyboards have gone through many series of trends over the years since they came to be, back in the 60’s. Original keyboards were large and bulky, just like the old school computers back in the day.

Over time, both computers and the keyboards that went along with them have significantly gotten smaller in many cases. Sleeker, thinner keyboards became the trend as mobile computing became more and more popular. With the emergence of laptops, keyboards were even built right into the computer!

Let’s take a look at some of the popular trends we see in computer keyboards today.


RGB Backlighting

With the emergence of tiny, affordable LED lights, back-lit keyboards have become a huge trend in computer keyboards. Just about any new keyboard model will have some form of LED back-lights in it, which are placed underneath each key-cap and shine upwards to illuminate the lettering on the key.

The latest trend in LED back lighting is RGB back-lights. These are LEDs that have a bulb inside of it capable of producing nearly any color possible, allowing for complete customization of your keyboard lighting. Rather than only have one available color, you can have your keyboard cycle through a spectrum of colors or choose whichever color is fitting your mood that day. You can find a list of the best RGB keyboards if you’re interesting in finding out what they’re all about. There’s also some videos so you can see the keyboard back-lights in action.


Keyboards Designed for Gaming

With the rise of e-sports and competitive computer gaming, so has risen the desire for keyboards designed specifically for gaming. Competitive video games like Counter-Strike: GO and League of Legends are the major players behind this trend.

There are many different aspects of what makes a keyboard good for gaming. For starters, it needs to be reliable. No one can perform well if their keyboard is missing keystrokes! Another important factor is a keyboard’s “rollover”. Rollover means “how many keys can the keyboard recognize are pressed at once?”. If a keyboard has 6-key rollover, that means it can sense up to 6 keys pressed at once. If a keyboard has “N-key” rollover, that means it can sense any number of keys being pressed at a time.


Non-Physical Keyboards


With the booming popularity of smartphones, keyboards have moved from the physical realm into the digital. On-screen keyboards are the status-quo for smartphones and tablets, as they allow you to have a keyboard displayed on your touchscreen only when you need it, making a mobile lifestyle much easier.

Many people dislike on-screen keyboards for copious amounts of typing, however. When using a physical keyboard, it’s much easier for most people to use the feedback from pressing the keys to ensure they’re not making a typing mistake. It’s much harder to use your muscle memory when typing on a flat screen versus keys that actually move with your fingers, additionally these on screen keyboards are limited to your screen size and are usually fairly small so not very efficient for typing anything of length.

Also in the realm of non-physical keyboards, laser keyboards have become popular recently as well. These devices can set up on nearly any flat surface and projects a keyboard from a laser. Again, with this method you don’t get the physical feedback of touching keys, but you do get an ultra-portable keyboard that’s much larger than what your phone or tablet can give you, and it doesn’t take up screen real estate as well.

This guest post was written by Kyle Hollings, a musician with a goal of making it as easy as possible to get people started playing an instrument. You can read more from Kyle at Musical Pros.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.5.2016. | 11:33
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