Free Giveaway – Get Free Dual OS 10.1 inch Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Tablet PC!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.5.2016. | 19:07

Congratulations to Aleksandr Chernyy! He is our winner to have the ten inches Dual OS tablet!

Please note that since we didn't use Rafflecopter or woobox, so we use the pick up tool in google. Please don't worry. The winner is picked up on random. Please check here:

May marks the start of the summer vacation season, and the birthstone of May is emerald which signifies love and success.

In this special month, we’re glad to announce our Chinavasion YouTube Giveaway for May. The best cheap 10 inch tablet computer. You will get a chance to win this 10.1 inch Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Tablet PC that has a retail price of $189 dollars. Very good value for money! Coming with both Windows 10 and Android 5.1 operating systems on this same device, you can have everything you want from a tablet letting you enjoy gaming, entertainment and productivity on this one great device.  Very cool and excited!

 The king of the performance: The CPU of this tablet is a 64 Bit Intel Cherry trail which can hit 1.84 Ghz and this tablet has an impressive 4GB RAM, so it offers seamless performance no matter what you’re doing.  With the 1280*800 HD screen you can enjoy a brilliant  definition for games and movies. Needless to say the 6000mAh battery capacity, 64GB internal memory, OTG, Dual Camera and more all add to this great tablet PC… Now! It can be yours, free!2016-05-26_0952Dual OS System GiveawayHow to get it for Free?

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If you’re already a follower of our channel, you can also leave a Comment below and add this video to your playlist. Inviting your friends to join this giveaway will enhance your chances to win this tablet PC.Expiration Date: June 24, 2016We will pick the winner at random and contact them to arrange delivery of their prize. Subscribe to our tech blog page (using the form below) to be sure not to miss the announcements and future giveaways.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.5.2016. | 19:07
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  1. dopexx69 May 24, 20:50

    Nice Tablet. i like a lot.
    win win win

  2. Ryou-sama May 25, 00:17

    Nice Giveaway! Thank you for that! Hope to be this time the winner :)?

  3. Nicholas Ashton May 25, 18:17

    Excellent product for a leading company in electronics worldwide

  4. Cory Gunter-Smith May 25, 20:56

    Your monthly give away prizes are always interesting devices to learn about.

  5. MURUGAN C May 25, 21:53

    Looks great” thank you” for for free away idea .????

  6. Rob Sparks May 25, 23:52

    that is my kind of tablet!

  7. Sinthuja Sarma May 26, 02:19

    An awesome giveaway. I hope to win an awesome gift from @Chinavasaion.

  8. Melanie May 28, 14:21

    Amazing to Learn and be considéred at the same time for a chance to win this incredible giveaway. Many thanks!!!!

  9. Dennisc May 28, 15:56

    Awesome! Would love to win one.

  10. Abubakar Suleiman May 29, 13:01

    Awesome tabtab. I hope to win 1 form chinavasion giveaway

  11. rico469rico May 30, 09:04

    I love this tablet PC hope to win next time

  12. Shyamal Vaishnav May 30, 12:46

    Love the way the video is made and the product is excellent ! It looks like it is made for me ! Personalized !

  13. Qboss May 31, 00:42

    Dual OS Tablet is really good idea. I want it 🙂 Thanks for chance.?

  14. Qboss May 31, 00:44

    Dual OS Tablet is really good idea. I want it 🙂 Thanks for chance.?

  15. The Reverend G June 1, 03:34

    I want one, please.

  16. Alexandr June 1, 03:53

    An excellent tablet with 2 os .

  17. Stanley Y Segawa June 1, 04:01

    Dual capability – looks great. Would like to win it. Free is also good.

  18. Shakoor June 1, 17:00

    Looking forward to my free gift 😀

  19. Pietro June 5, 22:34

    Great giveaway every month!!! Hope to win it!

  20. John Sippel June 7, 03:32

    Great Giveaway!!!

  21. kerry June 7, 09:30

    Thanks for the chance, love the giveaway, great site too.

  22. Paul James Jones June 9, 01:40

    looks good

  23. Isaac Ezeoma June 10, 06:41

    this is great. i just completed the steps. the video was insightful and well explained.

  24. Marco June 10, 23:26

    Great product.I tried a little one

  25. Marco June 10, 23:27

    Great product I tried alittle one

  26. Wilson June 16, 05:46

    Android and windows. Looks interesting

  27. winochia (@winochia2) June 17, 10:31

    i want a Tablet PC

  28. winochia (@winochia2) June 17, 10:35

    i want to win one

  29. winochia (@winochia2) June 17, 10:51

    i want to leave my comment it seem it did not appear on the comment page area

  30. Juan Rivera June 18, 00:10

    Looks nice!

  31. Chia Sock Kun June 18, 19:12

    i want it badly true

  32. Chia Sock Kun June 18, 19:14

    if you can do more testing like speed test and the
    CPU test on the tablet will be good want to see the power of the tablet

  33. atilla June 23, 18:32

    I have done . I hope i can win this

  34. André Mendes June 26, 05:53

    Who won? Why isn’t the winner announced?!

  35. Arnold welch July 25, 06:38

    Win I want to win love this compa6

  36. Arnold welch July 25, 06:39

    Love this company let me win

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