5 Free Video-Editing Apps for iPhone Users

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.5.2016. | 09:50

Do you remember the days when shooting videos and editing them was an expensive endeavor? Be it about devices, techniques or the people mastering that specialization – everything contributes to the overall cost. Credit goes to the advancement of smartphones that made all such tasks easier, convenient and affordable.



In today’s time, anyone can shoot a video and add a personal flare to it with the help of easy-to-use tools. But iPhone users are still apprehensive of using such apps due to the costs included, but the good news is that many free video editing apps have been introduced in the market for the iPhone users. So what are you waiting for? Get any of the below-mentioned apps on your iPhone and discover the creative you:

1)    Socialcam

Socialcam is serving the role of Instagram for the web videos. Apart from adding filters in your videos and making it sharable among your social networks, Socialcam also allows you to watch the videos you uploaded anywhere on almost any device. You can shoot a video in 720p HD quality with the Socialcam app and utilize its HDR functionality for making color-corrections while shooting videos in real time.

2)    Viddy

Viddy is another amazing free app for video-editing. The thing that sets this short-video app apart from others is the recording time- you can shoot a video of up to 30 seconds. Just like Socialcam, you have multiple filters in this app to improve the overall look and feel of not only videos but also the audio tracks.

3)    YouTube Capture

Capture is very own video-editing app introduced by YouTube. This app allows you to shoot and amplify your videos in 1080p HD quality and share your customized version with your closed ones instantly. There are many other interesting features that this app offers like a reminder for phone rotation while shooting, soundtracks, image stabilizer etc.

4)    Cute Cut

This app has given the professional look and feels like some premium video-editing software that you find on personal computers. It comes with complete guidance for novice users to get started and learn using helpful pop-ups included. There are many other interesting features in this app like more than 20 pre-made transitions for adding up charm to the final product and there is also an option to place another movie inside the one you are working on.

5)    Magisto

For all those iPhone users who are extremely busy and looking for shortcut to video-editing, this app is certainly suitable for them. It is quite easy to use. All you have to do is upload your clip, select the theme and soundtrack, and leave the rest on the app. It will automatically pick up the best scenes of the uploaded video and create a sharable short video.

If you are an iPhone user too, try these free video-editing apps to create your very own customized short videos to cherish for the time to come.


This guest post was written by Macy Jones, she is working with a reputed firm in App Development, Sydney. Her passion for development doubles up with every challenging task she confronts in her work. She likes sharing her experiences as well as the insights gained with fellow developers through blogging.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.5.2016. | 09:50
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  1. HLLWD June 10, 22:36

    we recommend using HLLWD (Hollywood) for editing video on iPhone

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