Five Top SEO Trends That Will Rule 2016

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2016. | 14:47

It has been a pretty eventful year for SEO practitioners in 2015. The much-anticipated Mobilegeddon update that penalizes websites low on mobile device compliance was announced; local rankings were sizably overhauled, as was a new algorithm for evaluating content quality. If that was not enough, a number of Google updates also made the year pretty exciting. Additionally, fresh technologies for digital assistants and new kinds of mobile devices commenced reshaping the future of online search in terms of the behavior of users. Now virtually everyone is looking to 2016, which should result in a paradigm shift in the search environment. Some of the new trends expected:






Dominance of Video Content

It is more than likely that written content that is now the standard will be overtaken by video content as far as ROI is concerned for B2C sites and brands.The current scenario of written content leading the way with images, videos, and infographics acting as peripheral support will see a radical change with emerging technologies and video content outpacing written content in virtually all parameters; reach, effectiveness, engagement, and overall return on investment. While apps like Snapchat, Vine, Periscope, etc. will be to a certain extent responsible, the real game-changer may well be Google that is currently testing out video advertising in its SERPs. While B2C brands without periodic video feeds will be considered as being outdated, it is expected that B2B brands will also embrace video, but somewhat later. If you want to learn how to use video content to your advantage it is best to consult with a reputed Utah SEO services.


More Importance on Mobile Optimization

While traditionally users have been searching through desktops, the increasing number of mobile devices in use will be changing the equation forever. Already, in this year, we have for the very first time witnessed more mobile device searches than desktop searches. Recognizing this trend, Google has already announced its Mobilegeddon algorithm that seeks to penalize sites that are not mobile-optimized. Mobile traffic will continue its meteoric rise and over the next few years consign desktop searches to history. Mobile compliance is especially vital for an online marketing company as the majority of traffic is expected from mobile devices in the future.


Digital Assistants to Radically Change Our Search Process

With digital assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Google Now having been around for some time, search engines are already receiving an increasing number of queries through them. This is adding yet another layer to search complexities as search queries delivered verbally tend to be quite different from written ones. This effectively means that there will be an emergence of another type of long-tail keyword questions, particularly those queries that imitate the spoken language. It is expected that pages containing content in a conversational and colloquial style may be rewarded by search engines.


Easier Accessibility to Social Media Content by Search Engines

Google has already recognized the importance of social media in the matter of relevant content by inking deals with leaders like Facebook and Twitter. Now when you query for a news item, it is quite likely that the mobile SERP will include a couple of tweets or Facebook pages. In 2016, we are likely to witness a far more mammoth indexing of social media platforms and this will considerably affect the SERP contents. Effectively, web content and social media content will tend to merge from the SEO perspective.


Local Searches to Become More Specific

Already most SERPs contain local search results that are usually ranked above the websites, and this trend is heading towards an explosion because of more and more people are using mobile devices beyond the smartphone such as Apple Watch. The increased complexity of the local indexes of Google is paving the way for local searches to become more specific. There is every chance that rankings would be influenced by the presence on the street corner rather that in a particular city or state.



This guest post was by Steven Carey, an SEO consultant working with a bunch of small and medium enterprises to help them elevate their online visibility. Steven has extensive experience of working with numerous Utah SEO services companies.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2016. | 14:47
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