5 Reasons Why Cell Phone Tracker Software Could Be a Game Changer

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2016. | 17:01

WhatsApp has recently implemented end-to-end encryption to offer its one billion users complete privacy. This development came into the spotlights for being a celebrated achievement and major stand in the ongoing battle against the U.S. government’s demand to access users’ communication records. This development means that intelligence agencies can no longer read messages, see photographs, or videos sent or received via WhatsApp, except the two people communicating with each other. In the light of these developments, using a cell phone tracker software could be a game changer.

The problem is not the encryption on WhatsApp, but something else. Google, social media sites like Facebook and many banks rely on sending SMS to the user as part of the protocol. They may have to verify users, and outdated systems make users vulnerable to attack. Hackers can take advantage of weaknesses in such apps and impersonate target users, as it is in the case of WhatsApp, to steal chat histories.



How the WhatsApp Network Works

Signaling System 7 (or SS7) is the network through which various apps, including WhatsApp send messages for verification of users’ identity. Its development in the 70s led to a revolution, but this system has not been improved nor revised ever since. At that time, private networks were not accessible, but this has changed in recent times. Hackers have not left any stone unturned.

Research by Positive Technologies revealed recently that they have found ways of impersonating target identities on the network. They can grab verification codes that WhatsApp sends and use it to impersonate the target. WhatsApp users who backup their data on Google Drive are vulnerable and attackers can steal chat histories.

Alex Mathews, the spokesperson from Positive Technologies told International Business Times that, “While messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram have introduced end-to-end encryption to protect users’ communications, vulnerabilities in the SS7 network on which they rely, render these security enhancements redundant.”

WhatsApp has confirmed reports that it is working on ways to mitigate the vulnerabilities in SS7. Users will get an alert when there is a change in their security code. However, the “Show Security Notification” setting needs turning on and is not a default setting.


They’ve Tested It and Proved It

Positive Technologies proved that it could successfully attack apps like Telegram that are privacy-focused. This internet messenger has close to 100 million users, which raises a lot of concern regarding its weaknesses. Researchers managed to impersonate the target and even communicate with its contacts.

This proves that there are vulnerabilities in the system, but researchers believe that WhatsApp users should not be too worried. Many people see the encryption on WhatsApp as a silver bullet, which does provide users protection from surveillance. In addition, even iMessage has end-to-end encryption.


Why Cell Phone Tracker Software are Game Changers

Cell phone tracker app users can still stay on top of the power pyramid and monitor their targets. So, what are the five reasons for these apps becoming game changers?

  • Reason One

For starters, a simple app such as XNSPY can allow you to monitor target WhatsApp users, and monitor various other activities on the target’s cell phone. You can read all the conversation from the control panel, see all photos shared, and watch all videos too. While encryption makes the conversation secure from government surveillance, monitoring WhatsApp at a personal level is possible.

  • Reason Two

Here’s the other reason. Sean Sullivan, security advisor at F-Secure Labs, said that he is confident that Apple has not engineered the ability to turn private conversations into an open one through iCloud. However, the app market has recently seen an increase in the number of monitoring apps that use the target’s iCloud credentials to monitor everything the target does via the iPhone and other iOS devices. The non-jailbroken edition of XNSPY is just another cell phone spy software that can do the unexpected, making them the game changer.

  • Reason Three

Tracking apps also track GPS locations. For fleet management reasons like getting minute-by-minute updates on their locations, knowing when they are sitting idle and not taking customers, and for scheduling routine maintenance, GPS tracking proves very helpful. Moreover, it helps fleet business owners keep their crew safe by keeping them out of sensitive areas. If the app has the geo-fencing feature, it means that it hasability to notify the user whenever the target person enters or leaves the specified location. This is the third reason for tracker apps becoming the game changer in the app market.

  • Reason Four

The fourth reason is that cell phone monitoring apps also allow users to record and listen to calls. They can upload the recorded files to the control panel and delete temporarily stored files from the target’s cell phone. This way, users can watch and listen to the target’s conversations without physically touching the cell phone.

  • Reason Five

The fifth and most important reason that explains why cell phone tracker software is becoming famous is that they operate in stealth mode. Users remain undetected and can continue to monitor not just WhatsApp, but some other messenger apps too, including Line, Kik, Skype, and Viber. Users can see all photos and videos shared via these apps too. In fact, they can see stored multimedia files on the target device as well.

Conclusively, while WhatsApp celebrates its success by making a major breakthrough with end-to-end encryption, business owners and individuals can use monitoring apps to observe their target cell phone users remotely.

This guest post was written by Sara Johnson, a graduate from the University of Minnesota with majors in Journalism. From the start,  Sara choose technology as her main point of focus. She writes about technology companies and technologies that will one day shape our future. Being an avid gamer She likes to play PC and console games during her free time. She attributes her love for technology, gadgets and games to her dad, saying that she was an electronics engineer and she would often bring in tech not just to play with but also to open and study its circuitry. This set the base for John’s interest in technology, not wanting to go to engineering she uses her blogs and writing to inform the world about the latest innovations in an easy to read way.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2016. | 17:01
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