What’s a Smart Wireless Security System, and Why Should You Bother?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2016. | 17:46

Technology is a game-changer when it comes to the issue of security – especially where smart and wireless technologies are involved. The ability to embed a tiny but capable processor into a variety of gadgets gives them abilities that expand their utility and allow them to operate independently.

This is something that smart wireless security systems take full advantage of – helping to better secure homes, offices, businesses and facilities.


What is Smart Security?

Strictly speaking, smart devices are defined by the ability to receive and process data to autonomously undertake an action. Wireless, on the other hand, simply means a device uses radio waves to transmit and receive signals.

A smart wireless security system is therefore composed of multiple smart devices that communicate with one another using wireless signals. These individual security devices work together; complementing each others strengths and overcoming their weaknesses to provide comprehensive security coverage.


How Does Smart Security Work?

Take for example a wireless home security system composed of six parts: a security camera, a biometric lock, a motion sensor alarm, a gas detector, a siren, and a GSM alarm system.

The smart camera records surveillance footage that can be reviewed instantly or at a later date. The biometric lock not only limits access to a select number of people, but also maintains a log of all people that accessed the door.  The motion sensor detects movement in an off-limits area. The gas detector will pick up signals from leaking gas. The siren will alert all nearby personnel about a major event, while the GSM alarm system will automatically call you or the authorities in case any of the other devices in the system are triggered.

A smart system ensures that all these devices communicate with one central controller thanks to the computer embedded in the individual components. The signals they transmit and receive allow them to do this without having to rely on wires snaking all over their area of operations.

These devices are only able to work in tandem with one another thanks to their smart capabilities. The computers within each individual component – their ‘brains’ – collect the necessary data from their surroundings. They then use this information to send signals to other parts of the system; setting off a chain reaction of events that an individual component without any smart capabilities simply cannot accomplish on its own.



Why Pick Smart Security?

The biggest advantage of smart wireless security systems is the ability to tirelessly guard an area against multiple threats and to react without the need for human oversight. The cameras, monitors, and alarms will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They won’t get drowsy or lose their focus, and they’ll keep working without complaint as long as you keep them well maintained. You also won’t have to pay monthly subscriptions or service charges as most of these DIY systems don’t need remote monitoring and you can alert the authorities when needed by yourself as you will be notified the instant there is any issues.

The best home security systems offer great versatility as they can be expanded with all different sorts of sensors such as window / door alarm, smoke detectors, gas detectors, motion sensor alarm, temperature sensors, moisture sensors and a whole lot more. With many of the wireless alarm systems able to incorporate 100 or more individual sensors you can easily build a comprehensive security system specific for your needs.

Another advantage is that a system can cover the weaknesses of the individual components. Security cameras are great deterrents against crime and can collect solid evidence for later use, but they do little to thwart actual crimes. Sirens and GSM alarm systems, however, can be hooked up to a single system – scaring off intruders with blaring alarms while sending you a text message alerting you about an intruder attempting to break into your home. You can even set these systems up to handle other purposes, like keeping an eye on the children, on your pets, the elderly, and the infirm and systems can even include panic buttons or medial alerts for those with special needs.

Finally, smart wireless systems are much easier to set up than their wired counterparts. You don’t have to rip up walls, posts, and ceilings just to connect the system to a central computer or run unsightly wires around your home. Each smart device has the ability to communicate with other devices via wireless signals – making installation and setups a relatively painless and quick task.

Keep all these in mind, and you’ll have a much clearer picture of what smart wireless Smart Alarms are and what they have to offer!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2016. | 17:46
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    What’s the cost of this wireless security system???

  2. James Mash June 27, 09:24

    there are a number of systems available on the Chinvasion website starting from as little as $40. please take a look to see which meets your needs.

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