Are You Wasting the B2B Marketing Potential of Your Social Media Campaign?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.5.2016. | 15:12

Social media isn’t just about sharing vacation pictures, laughing at cat videos, gossiping about your neighbors, or rekindling the flames of old flings. These platforms offer very real opportunities in business-to-business or B2B marketing.

The question is, are you actually making the most of social media’s potential to boost your profits?



Are You On The Social Media Platform That Your Business Clients Actually Use?

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the big three social platforms that businesses can be found on. If you want to reach out to businesses here, then you need to establish a solid presence on these platforms. Do note, however, that some of your clients may be utilizing other platforms as well. Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest – your goal is to find which platforms your clients are on and connect with them using these platforms.


Are You Sharing and Reacting To Industry News That Will Affect Your Businesses Clients?

Your B2B marketing campaign on social media will be much more successful if your business clients turn to you for the latest industry news. Providing your take on the news, sharing your company stance, and commenting on said news – these can help spark discussions while strengthening your position as an authority in your chosen industry.


Are You Sharing Content That Can Help Improve The Profits Of Your Business Clients?

Your business clients will be very keen on any information that will help them turn a profit or make their operations run more smoothly. Regularly sharing content that will help them achieve this will make said clients keen on following your updates. They benefit from following you on social media, you keep your own business in their minds.


Are You Creating Infographics That Can Impart Useful Information At A Glance?

Businesses love data, and infographics are the most reader-friendly way to provide a condensed mass of data in a package that can be understood in minutes instead of hours. Pie charts, bar graphs, diagrams, bright colors, percentages – all these pack a ton of easy-to-digest information that your business clients will find useful.


Are You Working On Posts And Opinions That Can Influence Your Business Clients?

B2B marketing is not just about making direct sales.It’s also about influencing your business clients in one way or another. Industry commentary, reactions to potential markets, views on what may help or hinder your clients’ operations – all these help shape the opinions of your clients in a way that can serve your purposes in the future.


Are You Interacting With The Content That Your Business Clients Share On Their Profiles?

Social media is not a one-way thing where you focus solely on your own business. Reaching out to your business clients, reacting to the comments they post, and striking up conversations – these will encourage your business clients to review and react to your own content as well.


Do You Have A Dedicated Social Media Marketing Team?

A proper B2B marketing campaign on social media is not just about making one or two random posts a day. Such a campaign involves scanning the news for relevant information, creating content from scratch, monitoring the content that your business clients create, reacting to questions and queries,and identifying which content generates the most leads back to your website.

And you need to have a team that will do all this on multiple social networks.

This is why proper social media marketing is a time and labor-intensive task that requires full-time dedication.If you want your B2B marketing campaign to make the most of social media, then it will be well worth your money to invest in a dedicated team whose sole job is to manage your company’s social media profiles.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.5.2016. | 15:12
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