6 of the Hottest Netflix Titles to Watch Out For This Summer

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.5.2016. | 10:55

Summer’s just around the corner, which means a slew of hot new Netflix shows to binge-watch over the season. Without further ado lets take a look at some of the best shows on offer.

So… which ones do you need to keep an eye out for this summer?

  1. Orange is the New Black (Season 4) – Well, Alex is alive and well in the trailers – wrapping up one loose point from the cliffhanger ending of Season 3. The trailers do indicate, however, that Season 4 is going to take a much darker turn than previous entries in the beloved prison comedy franchise. We get more Orange is the New Black on June 17.
  2. Marco Polo (Season 2) – Marco Polo may not have gone well with the critics, but support from the actual viewers was strong enough to warrant a second season. Details are sketchy, but viewers can expect more rivalries, betrayals, and sexually-charged intrigue in the various courts of the ancient Song and Yuan dynasties. We get more Marco Polo on July 01.

  3. Hell on Wheels (Season 5 Part 2) – fans of the Wild West series will get the final seven episodes soon. This final arc will conclude the race to build the First Transcontinental Railroad in America; laying down all the cards from all the crooked players in the series. We get the finale of Hell on Wheels on June 11.


  4. Stranger Things (New) – 90’s icon Winona Ryder was signed up to take on the classic role of a mother looking for her lost child. The sci-fi drama is set in 1980’s Indiana, and features eight one-hour long episodes in the season. Details on the actual show are iffy, other than the science-fiction setting of the series. We get Stranger Things on July 15.

  5. The Get Down (New) – like music? Like period drama? Keep an eye out on this musical drama featuring the how punk, disco, and hip-hop were born. Definitely one of the more intriguing entries this summer, especially since it features a varied cast of characters each telling their own stories infused with the power of music. The first season is composed of 13 one-hour-long episodes split into two parts of six and seven episodes each. We get the first six-episode part of the series on August 12.

  6. Marvel’s Luke Cage (New) – Luke Cage is a superhero that featured heavily on Jessica Jones, another superhero flick. Cage will be getting his own TV series, which will feature how the super-humanly strong hero fits into the world of New York. It’ll be a slow-burning series; opting for a more nuanced take on how Cage lives his day-to-day life. We get the first season of Marvel’s Luke Cage on September 30.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.5.2016. | 10:55
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