iPhone 8 a Possible New Device with a Foldout Display

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Excited about the latest iPhone? What about some news concerning what would be called the iPhone 8? Certainly, such a device would surpass today’s best Android phones and trigger some major talk in the latest tech news. What exactly will be called the iPhone 8 and at when it will be release isn’t really clear at the moment, but when it comes to this version, one of the major talks is that of a foldout display.


Source: www.pinterest.com

Source: www.pinterest.com

Is it cool?

One of the first questions Apple will need to ask themselves concerning an iPhone 8 foldout display is if it’s cool. Sure, the technology shown so far is impressive, but do people really want to carry such a thing in their pocket. Big technology doesn’t always mean that people all jump on the bandwagon at first sight. Apple will need to question whether or not the topic is cool to today’s audience and how they can package it to please them.

On the gadget end, there should be no worry that this will be a cool gadget; however, seeing everybody out with this kind of device needs persuasion and a bit of luck. Perhaps some of the competition will decide to skip on this?


How Does it Compare?

Obviously, the question of the competition is tremendously important. The foldout display concept most likely will be available to everybody and some companies might even choose to skip on it. Also, some companies might choose to use it but not make it their main attraction.

A foldout device is always cooler if there isn’t a ton of other similar devices out there for people to choose from. Apple might not need to be that convincing if they’re the only ones around with the gadget, but if the best Android phones all have it, and then the big company will need to prove that the experience is best on iPhone. Presentations and conferences might then become key for people to choose what they want to buy.


Is it Useful?

Is a foldout display useful for work or pleasure? Or maybe just when you use your phone for everyday use? A foldout display will be quick to lose buzz if there’s not much you can do with it. The latest Apple phones have introduced some great interfaces and the foldout display will need to work together with it.


Is it Tough?

Next is the issue of durability as people will expect something just as durable and impressive as what they currently have. If they perceive the new product as a little bit more easy to break, they will keep away from it. This is up to Apple to put out a product that will meet their standards.


Is it Marketable?

The message won’t only need to be about this new device being impressive as a whole, but also, one that’s easy to market. A foldout display changes dramatically how the device looks and is perceived, and the audience might take it as a side product if it is not marketed correctly. This might be the biggest challenge Apple will meet with a foldout display. The latest tech news and rumors are certainly exciting at the moment, but the product must remain exciting once it’s right about to be released.


Overall, the foldout concept around the iPhone 8 has chances of happening, but everything will need to be set up right in order for it to reach the same level of success as its predecessors. The game might not be about making this next device all about the display, but showing how it can be useful in really all areas of life. Entertainment will certainly find itself a home with this with brand new games to enjoy and understand how it works, and then we will perhaps need some more instructions on how to make it useful for work. It’s important that this iPhone 8 does exactly what its predecessors did and do it better.


Obviously, the competition with the Android rivals will heat up thanks to this and while this new technology is exciting, Apple could have something on its hand that they have to succeed with or else they might see a competitor get ahead. Then, to call this a revolution would be an understatement since a foldout display would change the way we use the device from scratch, and such an iPhone 8 would mark a huge turn in the technology used. Flexible technology is about to land among us and we can only hope Apple will be one of the most successful companies with it. Hopefully, the features of the iPhone 6 and 7 can be even more relevant on the new device and Apple can get away with another win with this one.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.4.2016. | 10:39
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