6 Nifty Online Methods to Spruce Up Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.4.2016. | 10:00

There are quite a few online tools and methods out there that you can utilize to ensure that your business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts raise awareness of what you’re offering while making it easier to convert interested browsers into convinced buyers.

So without further ado, here are some of the top methods at your disposal to help boost your B2B marketing strategy:



This blog post is one example of how blogging can be a powerful tool for converting potential customers. Regularly churning out useful content that is relevant to your target audience will make them want to come back to your website for more helpful information. This helps maintain awareness of your brand while simultaneously improving your credibility as an authority – further building the trust and confidence that is crucial when it comes to working with businesses and organizations. It can also offer insights and ideas to entice potential customers by clearly explaining benefits and advantages that they may not have been aware of.


Viral Content.

No, this doesn’t mean churning out cat videos and recycling tired old memes. Viral content for B2B marketing involves creating fun and interesting content that your customers will want to share among their peers in the industry. Inside-jokes that only those in the industry will get, captioned photos of the latest products, cool videos showcasing product features, side-by-side comparisons – inject a dose of fun to your content, and those in the businesses you’re targeting will be more likely to share it among themselves, spreading awareness of your company and services.


Industry News.

One effective way to further bolster your credibility in the eyes of your clients is to deliver the latest news and developments related to the industry you are in. Let’s say you sell home security gadgets, for example. Sample stories to share include crime statistics, the latest developments in home security, updates about symposiums or industry events, studies on criminal psychology, opinions from industry analysts – anything is fair game as long as it is relevant to your target audience.

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Press Releases.

If you need to make an announcement, then do so by sharing a press release to news outlets that will be interested in whatever it is you have to announce. It is worth noting that you should definitely target your PR, as the last thing you want to do is tarnish your good name by ‘spamming’ your PRs to the wrong locations – like sending your high-tech gadget PRs to editors of gardening news sites. Spend some time researching the right news outlets that cover your field, and your PRs will be more likely to reach the readers that actually want to hear what you’re announcing. Be it a new line of products, exciting new technology developments, celebrating your companies anniversary with special promotions, there is plenty that can be shared through a PR.


Social Media.

Social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook are excellent tools that far too few brands make effective use of. The potential to easily disseminate all the aforementioned tools – from blog posts and viral content to press releases and third-party reviews – is just too good to pass up. Just make sure that the content you provide will be useful to your clients, and they will be keen on monitoring what you have to release on these social media sites. Take care to make your posts informative with nicely crafted content and pictures, remember this is a reflection on your business so quality before quantity.




Email marketing is another tool that is useful for B2B marketing, and is an especially effective one for reaching out to clients that don’t spend much time on social media. But don’t just start e-mailing anyone who has ever been on your site. you need to carefully target your audience and make sure they are receptive to receiving emails.  Spend some time collecting perks for those that sign up to your newsletters (e.g. a one-time discount or special promotional offers), and you open up a line for repeat business – something that you will definitely want when it comes to your B2B marketing campaign!

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.4.2016. | 10:00
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