Free Giveaway – Get Free THL T7 4G Smartphone with Octa Core CPU, 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.4.2016. | 16:50

Congratulations to ReYaN KiNng who is our winner of Thl T7 smartphone giveaway! Thanks for all the entrants. Please note that Chinavasion youtube giveaway holds monthly which means we will pick up cool and high value electronic product as a free gift for every month. Stay tuned!


We pick up winner on random!


Learn more about the THL T7 Smartphone

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new Chinavasion Youtube Giveaway for April.

This is your chance to win a THL T7 4G Smartphone, a fantastic prize, this phone normally retails for over $150!  Coming with a sleek design and a 5.5 inch IPS screen with some nice shortcuts included. So you will have the intuitive Android 5.1 OS and Gesture Sensing for initiating certain actions with just a wave of the hand.

With its Octa Core CPU and a whopping 3GB or RAM this has it all, performance and style.  Whats more to protect your privacy and personal data it features a fingerprint scanner. So what are you waiting for, Enter now to win it FREE!


How to enter the Giveaway to Win THL T7 Smartphone?

1. Subscribe to our Chinavasion Youtube Channel.

2. Leave a Comment and Click Like on the You Tube Video Shown below.

3. Additionally, If you add this video to your play list, you can have a second entry into the Giveaway draw and increase your chance to win when we select the lucky winner at random.
If you’re already a follower of our channel, you can also leave a Comment below this video and click Like for this video.

Expiration Date: May 4, 2016

We will pick the winner at random and contact them to arrange delivery of their prize. Subscribe to our tech blog page (using the form below) to be sure not to miss the announcements.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.4.2016. | 16:50
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  1. prakash April 6, 18:18

    very usefull

  2. Dhruba Kumar Das April 6, 18:28

    Nice video…probably,the phone will be an interesting product…

  3. Bobby P April 6, 20:07

    Nice phone I want one

  4. Ajay Kumar Sahoo April 7, 16:01

    Good quality control test by Chinavasion Wholesale

  5. senrayan palaniyandi April 8, 11:45

    it is a good smartphone and I am hopeful of winning this wonderful smartphone.

  6. senrayan palaniyandi April 8, 11:50

    it is a good product

  7. Rupinder Kaur April 10, 10:17

    Good phone

  8. Magdica Duvnjak April 10, 19:49

    Great video. THL T7 4G Smartphone looks impressive!

  9. Miguel Barradas April 13, 07:20

    El telefono se ve de muy buena calidad, espero ganarlo !

  10. Hakan Adigüzel April 13, 10:22

    With this RAM and this SoC it has to be a good smartphone and I hope to be one of the winners of this wonderful smartphone.
    Thank You Chinavision.

  11. Gavin April 13, 11:43

    Nice one ah.

  12. ??????? (Naghual80) April 13, 15:16

    I WANT IT!

  13. Pedro Machado April 13, 16:40

    One to Portugal 🙂

  14. Norman Eisenberg April 13, 19:06

    cant wait to try this phone i hear it is better than the I PHone 6s and Samsung 7s

  15. James Brown April 14, 19:33

    Wouldn’t it be Great to win this, I’ve never actually won anything in my life and I’ll be turning 61 years old in August, time is running out for me, at least I hope not in the near future. Ha!

  16. Bobby P April 14, 20:33

    Nice phone like to have.

  17. Bobby P April 14, 20:34

    Great contest must win

  18. Predrag Brkic April 15, 13:51

    like it

  19. tutu tupombili April 15, 16:43

    It seems to be a nice smartphone…

  20. Balminder Singh Bimbrah April 16, 10:45

    Very Informative.Will help me in my day to day urgencies.

  21. John Barry April 16, 23:08

    Very impressive,great phone!!!, would live to have one.

  22. ???? ???????? (@auv1983) April 19, 03:32

    good luck!

  23. Dmitriy Budylin April 19, 03:35

    THL T7 🙂

  24. Roman Budylin April 19, 03:39

    PLUS the 4800mah Battery

  25. Galina Budylina April 19, 03:44

    Chinavasion – thanks!

  26. James Brown April 19, 20:39

    Still waiting and hoping, just received a 4 port USB SMARTPHONE CRADLE CHARGER, IT WORKS GREAT!
    James R. Brown

  27. Douglas Thompson April 20, 04:29

    I just left a comment on the you tube video and enjoyed it and the other reviews

  28. Rico April 20, 13:03

    Top Quality Smart Phone! Good Job Guys..

  29. giorgos voudaskas April 20, 16:06

    I have allready by products from chinavasion end iam gradefull our corporation was excelent end olso very glad for everything

  30. Bad Video April 20, 18:50

    Wonderful phone ! Thank you for this great giveaway !

  31. Martin Cenek April 20, 21:16

    It is good phone

  32. Wayde Marriott April 20, 22:01

    It has nice features

  33. MHTunceriki April 21, 00:28

    I like it.

  34. Manuel Vizcaya (@MARIOLOIS) April 21, 00:41

    I have subscribed to your Chinavasion Youtube Channel and liked the You Tube Video Shown above.

  35. Cristi Andreea April 21, 04:51

    Good quality

  36. John Agwazim April 21, 08:05

    Nice. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Latifa April 22, 05:59

    nice phone!!

  38. Edmond April 23, 06:12

    Holy Batman I subscribed. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  39. Safwan Ahmed Khatri April 24, 16:38

    nice review

  40. Ana April 24, 20:32

    Nice one , thank you 🙂

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