Mobistealth: An iPhone Spy App That Seems to Know No Bounds

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.3.2016. | 14:15

For many years, iPhone has kept its reputation of being the safest and securest smartphone in the market intact, but upholding this reputation has become harder than ever lately, courtesy of recent advancements in spying technology. One spy app in particular, namely Mobistealth, seems to be making a complete mockery of whatever security and privacy protocols Apple integrated in its flagship smartphone. Equipped with powerful features and simplistic controls, detailed here, this app seems hell-bent to provide its users unprecedented degree of access to data and communications on the target iPhone. To understand how it manages to accomplish the feat that has long remained elusive, and stand out from the rest of the pack, let’s put a spotlight on some of its salient features.


 No Jailbreak Requirement

Almost every spy app out there requires you to jailbreak your device, which just isn’t feasible for a large number of people. Recognizing and respecting this reluctance, Mobistealth makes it possible to spy on an iPhone without tinkering with its stock firmware. Interestingly, it doesn’t even require anything to be installed on the target device. How it manages to scoop up data in spite of that is apparently a trade secret that it’s just not willing to spill yet. That being said, there is also a slightly more conventional version of Mobistealth available that works only on non-jailbroken iPhone.


Call Logging

A spy app can’t really achieve greatness without ticking all the boxes. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising to find a call logging feature in Mobistealth. This feature delivers details of all incoming and outgoing calls, including their time, data, and duration, allowing users to see the phone records of a certain individual with ease. Furthermore, there’s a reverse-lookup option available that makes it possible to view the phone numbers that were dialed or from which calls were received.


Multiple Messaging Platforms Monitoring

This is yet another feature that helps Mobistealth outshine its competition. Keeping up with the changing trends, it gives users access to pretty much all major messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, and LINE. Of course, the regular SMS service, email, and Skype are covered too. The app clearly doesn’t believe in taking half measures.


Location Tracking

Location tracking is yet another pretty standard spy tool feature, but what Mobistealth does differently is that it logs location information periodically, thus letting users get a pretty good idea of where the target iPhone, and of course the person carrying it, has been.


Browser History Logging

Yet another standard feature in spy apps these days, browser history logging lets users view URLs that have been visited on the target iPhone. Mobistealth carries out this function quite neatly, leaving absolutely no traces of interception behind.


Picture and Video Logging

As the trend of sharing pictures and videos continues to grow, so does the demand and desire for way to be able to spy on them. Happy to oblige, Mobistealth silently uploads pictures and videos from the target iPhone to an online account, thus making it extremely convenient for users to take a look at them.

Packing all these features in one single package is nothing short of remarkable on Mobistealth’s part. And while quantity often comes at the expense of quality, this iPhone spy app comes out as a rare exception in this regard. Naturally, iPhone users have plenty to dread as long as this app around.


Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy Software is compatible on all major carries the Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy Software remains completely hidden on the device, for more information visit their website.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.3.2016. | 14:15
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    Any action has is opposed. Based on this progress. Read what a few more spyware without jailbreak.

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