Top 5 Guitar Apps You Need to Download Today

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Technology has made it incredibly convenient to play the guitar on the go. We have combined a list of the best apps to download to make you a better guitarist. These apps include everything from making sure you’re on beat to learning how to play “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. Here are the best guitar apps for you to download and ensure you’re the best guitarist you can be!


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1.   Best Guitar Tuner

Having a tuning app on your phone, means you have one less item to pack in your gig bag, and you can easily tune your instrument whenever you want. There are a ton of guitar tuner apps out there, making it hard to choose the most effective one. Our favorite is the Guitar Tuna. The app is free and works on almost every stringed instrument you can think of, from an electric guitar to a balalaika. Guitar Tuna also has a built in metronome, which is great when you’re practicing to keep you on beat!

Rating: 4.7/5

Cost: FREE

Published by: Yousician Ltd.


2.   Best Guitar App for Beginners

If you’re learning the guitar and want additional guidance, we suggest Beginner Guitar Songs by instructor Marty Schwartz. Marty has tons of videos available. The videos begin at the most fundamental lessons, you can learn how to properly tune your guitar, or different strumming patterns. To get a taste of his instructional style, check out some of Marty’s videos on his YouTube channel. There is an infomercial embedded in the app that costs money, but you can skip it to continue to the free stuff!

Rating: 4/5

Cost: FREE

Published by: Guitar Jamz


3.   Best App for Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords and Tabs has one of the biggest libraries of over 500,000 guitar chords and tabs. You can easily search for different chord diagrams, how to transpose the chords, and switch to left handed mode! One of the best things about this app is that it’s free! When you download Guitar Chords and Tabs all the information can be made available offline, for use on the go.

Rating: 4/5

Cost: FREE

Published by: xxsembler


4.   Best App to Download Tabs

The TabToolkit is hands down the best app to access every guitar tab you can imagine. Not only has it won the Apple Design Award, but it works on a variety of instruments including, guitar, bass, drums, and piano. You can play along to the tabs you download, record songs, or read the tabs off your phone, tablet, and PC.

Rating: 4.8/5

Cost: $3.99

Published by: Dayana Networks Ltd.


5.   Best Audio Recorder

You can use the standard microphone app on your phone, but why not upgrade for free? The Voice Record Pro app has built in integration with all of your cloud storage, Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. A nice added feature is the ability to add effects to your recording including, echo, volume/gain, pitch, speed, reverb, and distortion. Plus, you can use the app during your practice routine to ensure you’re sounding your best.

Rating: 4.2/5

Cost: $2.99

Published by: Agile Partners


Have you ever had a friend request a song, but you aren’t sure how to play it? Or, you feel a little nervous playing by yourself? We’ve got you covered. These five apps will not only improve your playing, but are low-cost or free to download. By downloading these recommended guitar apps you’ll find it more convenient to play on the road.



This guest post was written by Colleen, who has a passion for guitars and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and getting others involved in music. Her website,, focuses specifically on guitars and ukes. Colleen loves to travel and uses her ukulele as a conversation starter on the road.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.3.2016. | 10:10
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