Simple Criteria to Help You Pick the Best Website Templates

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.3.2016. | 10:23

Choosing a website template for a new website is probably one of the most confusing decisions you get to make. There are dozens of templates to pick from and most of them look better than what you envisioned. If you are stuck in this stage, there are three simple criteria you can use to choose the perfect website template design.

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1. Content Width Design

Choosing the right content width is the most important thing to do when choosing a template. There are two main options here: full width and boxed width. The full width content is ideal for creative and contemporary designs whereas the boxed width content is ideal for traditional, business oriented designs. Most website templates today offer the two content options.

The full width has a background image that stretches to cover the full width of the computer screen. It gives the impression that your web content has no boundaries. This designs works well with responsive templates, graphic heavy sites, and sites with more tabs in the menu bar.

The boxed width is where the content has a visible frame to the right and left side of the screen. This templates allows for content to be displayed relatively the same regardless of the screen resolution and size. The design is perfect if you want the content to be displayed in a consistent and predictable manner. It is ideal for proforma invoice forms.


2. Home Page Header Design

The header design you select is more of a strategic rather than a design decision. It all depends on the type of business you have. Most website templates are designed with a homepage header which may either contain slideshows, static images or play videos.

Don’t allow the fanciness of a web page distract you. The header you select should clearly and successfully communicate your business’ core message to your visitors. It should create understanding and awareness of what you are all about.


  • Static image header should be used on sites that rely on beautiful photographs to attract visitors. They are ideal for portfolios, restaurant, hotel and other physical products or websites that are graphic intensive. If your business relies on text to explain what you do, the static image header is a good choice.
  • Slideshow header works well for businesses that have several core products and services or cater to a variety of customer.
  • Video background header works perfectly if you wish to explain your business’ mission. Don’t use stock video and always keep the video short.

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3. Menu Bar Design

This design includes menu bar types, positions and layouts. This design creates a roadmap that makes it easy for your audience to navigate your website. Once they get on your landing page, your visitors can click on what they really want instead of having to click to the sitemap.

The three criteria will help pick the best website templates for your website. All you need to do is make sure the design you select suits your business and that it is clean with no irrelevant elements. Focus on functionality.


This Guest Post was written by Connie Wong, an experienced web designer with 12 years of experience in web design. She uses her knowledge to educate web developers on the latest trends and best practices in everything web design including creating an online proforma invoice.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.3.2016. | 10:23
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