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Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2016. | 09:24

Even though flash drives and file sharing networks have made transferring files quite easy these days,  things won’t be useful if you can’t give the flash drive to a person who needs the files and not everyone is savvy about file sharing or may have permissions on their network. Having to send files on the web becomes an aggravation when the size of the file is large. You can’t easily email large files to your friends or colleagues because there is usually a 25mb size limit in email services like Google and MSN. So what do you do if you want to urgently send a file to a colleague or a friend that exceeds the 25mb size limit? You can think about splitting the files and transferring them in bits and pieces and later the receiver can combine them. But this is a very time consuming method which requires effort. Nowadays, a common method that experts use to make their business a success is that when they find a gap in the market they think of it as an opportunity. Which is why, technologists have created file sharing services like Dropbox or Google drive, these can be helpful but could cost you money, still have some limits and after some high profile hacks many people are cautious about using these as storage facilities, so below we give you a list of a few other file sharing services that we think could be extremely handy.


We transfer

We transfer lets you share files with a single recipient or a group of people. If you subscribe for its paid services the amount of features increases. You can simply type the email address of the recipient after you have uploaded the file, and you’re pretty much done. Large files or small you’ll easily be able to share them with anyone.


Just beam it

In order to transfer files up to 2GB you can also use just beam it which is simple and convenient. You can just drag the files and drop them and the transfer between your computer and the recipient’s computer will happen directly.




Infinit is yet another kind of file sharing services it boast no limit to the size of files you can send and unlike other services that may cancel the file transfer if you loos network connection this service will just pause it and then restart when the network reconnects, even if you shut down or power off your phone or computer. It also boast better security that cloud systems as rather then your file sitting around in the cloud Infinit uses a direct point to point encryption and transfer method.




Imagevat is a free of inconvenience way of transferring pictures. This app is perfect for bloggers or photographers who need to transfer photos on a regular basis. It will let your transfer large images without having to compromise the quality which is a really good deal.




This guest post was written by Rida Maqbool, she is passionate about Inbound marketing, Email marketing and Ecommerce. Currently she is a writer at Mobiwoz.com and her twitter handle is @ridamaqbool02

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2016. | 09:24
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