Why You Should Finally Upgrade To Windows 10

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Windows 10 has been out for quite a while now – yet some users may still be on the fence whether they should go ahead with the upgrade or leave things be. In this post, we outline why you may want to hurry up with the decision – and why you should go in favor of yes.

Time’s running out

Windows 10 rolled out as a free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users – but the party is about to end. The upgrade will cease being free by July 29th 2016. So, if you are still unsure whether the latest OS is for you, you might want to line up your pros and cons asap. No worries, we’re here to help =)

Yet it’s still free

Yep – like we’ve just mentioned – Windows 10 is available FOR FREE for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users.

Cortana is a great addition

While Google and Apple have been promoting their mobile virtual assistants vigorously – Windows is taking a different road – the PC road. Cortana, the system’s voice assistant, is available not only on Windows phones but also on the desktop. It can help you control certain operations by voice commands and is a great improvement and a helpful tool.

Virtual Desktops

The new feature – Virtual Desktops – allows you to create multiple working areas on your PC. This is quite cool, as you get to arrange the windows on your desktop any way you want: they can take up half of the desktop or even a quarter.

 Game On – DirectX12

Windows 10 comes with favorable upgrades for gamers. These include streaming games from your Xbox to your PC, gameplay recording capabilities, the latest version of DirectX12 and improvements in graphic cards and CPUs.

No Microsoft account needed

With Windows 8, a Microsoft account was not optional – you had to have one. With Windows 10, you can start off by creating standard accounts with any email address you want. Later on, if you want access to some of the cool Microsoft-embedded features, you will eventually need to get yourself a Microsoft account – should you want one.

New Settings – less Control Panel

Previous versions of Windows relied heavily on the unchanging Control Panel. Windows 10 comes with a breath of fresh air in the form of Settings. Settings are getting more power and responsibility and the system and thus presenting a nice option to Control Panel.

New Action Center

Charms are gone – to the unhidden joy of many – and have been replaced by the new Action Center, which also provides quick access to system settings. Having all your notifications in one place is definitely a huge plus.

New Browser – Edge

A sad day for all loyal Internet Explorer users (if there are any survivors in that group). Windows 10 sports a new browser called Edge. So in with the new, and out with the … ancient.

Universal apps and App Store

The apps you will see on your Windows 10 will be the same across other Windows devices – mobiles and tablets. You will be able to check all of them out in the unified App Store that caters to the whole lot.

So, there you go. 10 Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10. Have the upgrade already? Share what you favorite new features are in the comments below.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.3.2016. | 01:10
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  1. joshyblikJohn March 23, 08:18

    I did try win 10 but had to go back to 8.1 as my CD player/burner would not work and I have everything on disc.

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