Why Should I Buy a Chinese Smartphone ?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2016. | 14:28

At the start of the 21st Century buying a Chinese made product was looked down upon as they were considered cheap and tacky but the ‘Made in China’ stamp on electronics has come a long way since the early days and nowadays is associated with value for money where you can get a quality product at a low price. China has established itself as the factory of the world when it comes to electronics and for good reason. if you rule out everything made in China your missing out on some great quality products.

Not convinced, well here are a few reasons that we believe buying a Chinese Android Smartphone is a smarter way to spend your money and you’d be a fool to just ignore them.

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Big name brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and many more have their phones and products made in China, this isn’t just because the labor is cheaper, although that is not to be overlooked. It’s also because many of the components and chips such as those from Qualcomm and Mediatek are made in China or the surrounding area so with the full supply chain of components on their doorstep its quicker and cheaper to assemble the phones where these components are. However unlike Apple and Samsung many Chinese manufacture such as Xiaomi pass these savings on to their customers.

Chinese Phone are not all knockoffs.

Many people think that al Chinese phones are all just cheap knockoffs of Samsung and Apple, that’s not true. Granted in the past many companies took “inspiration” from the likes of Apple and Samsung, shamelessly copying popular designs but there are many more companies in China that are pioneering new designs, take Oppo’s rotating camera on their N1 phone, Oukitel’s large 10000mAh battery devices or Gionne’s super slim phones, and there are plenty of innovate phone manufactures in China that are leading the way.



There hare hundreds of Chinese branded Smartphone’s and unlike western brands that just release a couple or phones or updates a year Chinese manufactures generally release several models a year, all aimed at different budgets ranging from smaller form phones to phablets there’s plenty to choose from so your sure to be a phone that meets your needs.


One of the big draws for those looking to buy a Chinese Smartphone is price. indeed cost is one of the great advantages many Chinese phones have over their western branded counterparts. This is partly due to manufacturing costs but also due to the high level of competition in Asia where the Smartphone market is at its most competitive. Just compare what you can get for $200 in China when compared to Samsung and Apple phones that can only be bought on expensive contracts for that amount which will see you pay monthly premiums for the provider to recuperate the cost of the phone.

Network Free

Most Chinese phones you come across will be unlocked or Network free, that means you’re not tied into a cell providers contract and can chose the best provider for you depending on your needs. Also should those change you’re not locked into a contact and can move to a new provider (without paying hefty penalties) if an when you want, such as if you move state for school or work.


So what should you look for in a Chinese phone ?

ready to buy yourself a Chinese Smartphone well it’s not quite as simple as hopping on Amazon or going to your local store. Many Chinese phones aren’t available in some markets and there are a few things to be aware off.

  1. Network support

All the Smartphone’s listed on the Chinavasion website state exactly what frequencies they operate on. this is very important as they may not all work with your current network provider or in your local area. You should check what frequencies the cell service provider you want to use works on in your area and also find out what the best coverage is for you to make sure any phone you buy is suitable.




  1. Buy from a reputable source.

Unfortunately not all sellers on ebay, or other e-commerce sites adopt the same practices that you may be used to in the US or Europe. However Chinavasion has been operating since 2005 and we only source electronics that meet our high standards and pass through our in house quality testing. Unlike many Chinese e-commerce stores, such as those found on Aliexpress and other e-commerce sites, Chinavasion offers a 12 month warranty on all our phones and we have a secure payment system that makes shopping online safe and secure for you. You can buy quantities from 1 piece and upwards to huge bulk orders at great wholesale prices as we cater to everyone’s needs.

So to get you started here are a few of our best selling phones and real contenders you should check out BULBOO Xtouch, THL 2015A, Ulefone Be Touch 3, Oukitel K10000, Ulefone Paris, all of these are available for under $200 and with some fairly impressive specs.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2016. | 14:28
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  1. Denis Langevin March 19, 18:35

    I have purchased several phones from Chinavasion and I’m surprised you don’t offer protective covers for the phones. I also buy many phones from a company called GearBest and they sell protective covers and screen protectors for all the Chinese brand phones they sell. I have purchased several HomTom H7 phones,which you both sell, for a similar price, however they also sell the protective covers, which all my customers want. Your shipping is much faster and I would buy many more phones from you if you sold the protective covers for them.

  2. James Mash April 15, 12:52

    Hi Denis,

    If you need covers for a particular phone our support team would be happy to try and get those for you. Please contact them and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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