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Google Chrome is the most popular browser today. It is well loved due to its characteristics. It is light, stylish and has many themes available for it. You can also install many different extensions on it so as to make it more versatile for you. Thanks to these qualities, the Google Chrome browser remains the number one browser all over the world. It is especially useful to webmasters. This is because one can install some extensions to perform SEO on their websites. Read on to discover some extensions that can be used to conduct SEO.



The MozBar extension

This is an exceptional SEO extension for Google Chrome. You can use it as a standard user or pay some money to use it as a pro user. Once you begin to use it, you can enjoy some of the amazing features that it provides you as a webmaster. The MozBar fits nicely within the Google Chrome browser and thus it allows you to reach the tools and techniques that you need easily so as to perform proper SEO on your websites.

SEO tools for your site

This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to perform a variety of SEO activities on your website. This tool has 6 functional sections. One of these is the outer pages section. Others include the page elements and the social media sections of the tool. You can use these tools to perform administration of the server and the domain too. In addition to that, the tool has a section that allows you to get suggestions of keywords for your SEO endeavors.

This tool can assist you to highlight any domains that you could have searched in Google and get data about their trends. In addition to that, you can also get statistics about the performance of your domain in social media.

The Note Anywhere Tool

Another Google Chrome extension that you can utilize is the Note Anywhere tool. This tool can help you to perform SEO by allowing you to leave notes anywhere in any webpage on the Internet. This allows you to mark sections in pages, note down data in these pages as well as reference sections of WebPages for future use. You can make a note on a webpage and actually close down the browser. Upon return, you can find that the note is still there even 2 days later. It is an essential tool for SEO purposes.


When you want to perform SEO on your websites on a code level, this is the ideal extension for you. You can use Firebug to view your code and that of your competitors. With this information, you can simply identify the changes that you need to do in your own code so as to establish a better SEO performance. In addition to that, you can use this extension to add tags into your code so as to make your websites appear higher in the search results. If you want to perform SEO on the code level, this is the ideal extension for Google Chrome that you should use.

IE Tab extension

This is a tool that you can use so as to browse the web effectively. By using this tool, you can check the ranking of a webpage and also confirm how many times it appears in the results. Moreover, IE Tab is very good if you want to boost the ability of Google Chrome to load a page.


This is an extension that you can install in Google Chrome and it will help identify the ranking of your webpage in the Google search results. It delivers these results quickly. Moreover, it is quite simple to use. If checking the rank of your websites is important to you, then this is an amazing tool to use.

Shortener tool for URLs

Shortening URLs is a major activity in SEO. You can shorten them for the purpose of addition to history or so that you can put them in social media. This amazing tool helps you to shorten the URLs quickly and post them wherever you need to. By using it, you can save time.


You can use these amazing SEO extension tools to promote the rank of your website. They can help you to get more hits and views in your website. For a business website, the number of views that it gets is very important. This is because they are directly proportional to the potential revenue that the business may generate. The more the views that the website gets, the higher the chances of visitors being converted into customers. As such, SEO is necessary for a business website. There are millions of Internet users in the world and this is a potential market for businesses. These tools can help the business to tap into this market. For an SEO, they are amazing tools to have in the Google Chrome browser.

This Guest post was written by Michael Bentos, an experienced digital marketer and part of the team at – the powerful platform that makes SEO simple. He has a wealth of diverse experience in SEO marketing that he loves to share through his articles. You can connect him via linked-in.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.3.2016. | 15:13
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