Dual Boot Tablet PCs, The Pros and Cons Explained

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.2.2016. | 10:48

Along with size, processor, display and connectivity there is one other important Factors To Consider when buying a tablet PC, which operating system to get.

Typically you have a choice of either Android or Windows but there is a third option, you could get a dual boot device. In this article we will consider the benefits of this choice so you can make the right decision for your needs.


Dual Booting Pros

It sounds like the best of both worlds, Android and Windows on one device and with the improvements of Windows 10 and streamlined processing of Android 5.1 the two systems make a nice pairing.

Windows is clearly better for some software as the Android versions often lack some of the functionality or professional features, such as with the office suite of programs. There are even a number of video games that will run in the windows environment (If the hardware is powerful enough) that just aren’t available in on the Android system.

On the other hand Android counts for a larger share of the touch screen games as the entertainment apps market is not as developed for Windows systems. In fact the lack of windows apps was a real purchase inhibitor with Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablets although Microsoft is getting better at offering more content.

So clearly the main advantage of dual boot table PCs is that you can enjoy access to Android with all its popular games and cool media apps that the Google Play Store has to offer while still having compatibility with the X86 applications and productivity software such as the popular office suite. This ability to run a full gamut of Android and Windows apps is also great for tech enthusiast such as hackers and coders who may need both OSes on a system to test programs and help develop software.


Dual Booting Cons

There is one major drawback to having a dual boot system and that is space. Running an additional operating system and all it has to offer means you need it all installed on the device. This can seriously cut into the amount of storage space that’s available on the system.

Apps generally aren’t going to be cross compatible so you could end up with different versions for each OS. While many apps are free some aren’t and its worth considering. You will also have to find extra room for all these programs. while this can be alleviated on devise that allow for easy additional storage with such as micro SD cards and USB HDD support it could still be a concern.




If you’re looking for a device that can do a bit of everything and bring you access to all the productivity of Windows while still offering you the choice of Android apps then a Dual boot system could work out well for you, save you money and space as you don’t need to purchase two lots of hardware and is clearly easier to carry around that two devices. If on the other hand you don’t really need the extra compatibility of two OSes then a dedicated system is probably the best choice and can be had for less.


In either case there are many tablet PCs available at Chinavasion all available at wholesale prices and with a years warranty.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.2.2016. | 10:48
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