5 Apps to Simplify your Daily Chores

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.2.2016. | 17:21

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you” is very well said since time is the most important thing. You can get more money, but you cannot make more time. And technology is impacting our daily lives in unprecedented ways. Now a day, we cannot imagine living a day without using the internet. The internet has facilitated business as well as simplified life apart from providing information at a click of a button. Following are few apps which simplifies your life and make you run the day.


5 Apps to Simplify your Daily Chores


  1. Ziplist 
    Remember the times when you came across some great recipe on television and you wrote down all the list of ingredients on a piece of paper. You were very excited to prepare that new dish for your family. All your excitement fizzles out when you find out that your dog has eaten the paper on which you wrote down the ingredients.
    To avoid such situations use Ziplist, a great app with a database of over 300,000 recipes from all the popular cooking sites. This app allows you to easily search your best suited recipe. You can add the ingredients of the selected recipe in your shopping list. You can even email the list to others to take their help in finding the ingredients.
  2. Best Buy
    You might have a Mr or Ms Smart in your social circle who boasts about his or her ability to you, be that Smart person in your group as it renders all the hottest deals from all the renowned stores. You don’t have to go on multiple apps to find discounts and deals. You can find all the information on the latest products and new offers through this app. You can even compare offers on the same product and get the best prices. Get everything at discounted prices from the best brands. Best buy is the app which will help
  3. Wunderlist 
    You might have struggled to remember all the deadlines of your bills. Sometimes you have many household tasks to complete, but you can’t remember each task that you had planned to undertake. Wunderlist is a great way to streamline all your tasks even the ones with deadlines. You can dump notes, web clippings and list down all your tasks with deadlines. You can even opt to receive email to update you on your daily or weekly chores. Not only that you can distribute the task to your family members by uploading it on the cloud.
  4. Key Ring 
    You might like opting for loyalty membership cards which gets you the rewards and benefits at your favorite stores. Although carrying all the cards all the times is a big challenge. You might be using a key ring to keep all your cards together when you go out to shop.
    Based on the same concept, Key ring is a highly useful app which stores all the reward related information on your phone. Rather than carrying the cards, this app helps you getting your phone scanned for reward points. You can even store the membership card scans of your gym or your club. This app is simple and allows easy scanning.
  5. Grocery IQ 
    When it comes to organizing your grocery list, there is no better app than Grocery IQ. This app stores and organizes your grocery list, it lets you tally your bill to save your hard earned money. It also showcases the latest coupons and deals on your favorite items which help you get the best prices anytime and every time.

What are your favorite productivity apps? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

This Guest Post was written by Sonal Maheshwari loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for Intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop, Big Data Training, Qlikview Training, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.2.2016. | 17:21
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    I live in Australia and searched foe Best Buy in App called PlayStore and it did not give a specific called “Best Buy”

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    I have tried searching the app as well and couldn’t find it under the play store shopping apps, you can try using this link to open the app page on the app store.

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