How to Use Wi-Fi on a Sports Action Camera

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2016. | 12:04

Sports action cameras have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and are getting much better and easier to use. One of the big features for many new cameras is the Wi-Fi connectivity.  In this article we will show you just how easy it its to use. We will also explain some of the great benefits of this function and why you should look for it on your action camera.

Most of these sports action cameras with Wi-Fi will require you to install an app on your phone or tablet to make full use of this functionality. It can be very time saving and this great feature lets you remotely view the feed from your camera helping line up shots. It also lets you start and stop recordings as well as transfer files between your camera and other devices such as smartphone or tablet PC.

Not only does having a sports camera app on your phone make viewing and capturing great footage easier but will provide you with an easy way to transfer your pictures and footage to a phone or tablet. These means that uploading your favorite clips to social media couldn’t be easier and no longer requires you to sit down in front of a computer as it can all be done on the go from you wifi action camera app.

In order to utilize the Wi-Fi on the action camera you will need to download and install the an app on your Smartphone or tablet PC. Of course you need an action cam that supports Wi-fi as well.

The apps are usually available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but you should check compatibility with your device beforehand. Just check under the main product specifications on our Chinavasion site or feel free to contact our support team.

The app may vary from camera to camera but it’s usually clearly listed on the box or in the user manual and may even have a QR code making it quick and easy to install.

In this article I will use one of the popular action camera apps for Android devices called “YouMera”, which I will use with an SJ9000 action camera, other popular apps are the XDV and with cameras like the SJCAM 5000 and 4000 you will need the SJCAMHD App. All these apps are available in the Google Play Store.


Once installed open the app on your Smartphone or tablet.

You will then need to check that Wi-Fi is enabled on both devices, first check your phone, then power on your camera and check its Wi-Fi is active, On the SJ9000 you can do this by clicking the up button on the right hand side, when looking at the action cameras screen.

You will see an on screen confirmation that the Wi-Fi is activated. The camera will also display the SSID and the password on the screen.


Go back to your phone and in the “Youmera” app select the “+” to add the camera.

on the list look for the cameras SSID.   “NVT_CARDV”

select this, enter your password (The default password is 12345678)


You will then get a connection in progress shortly followed by a notification on both the phone and camera screen. Now the two devices are paired.


You can now use the app to chose what files to transfer between the two devices as well as a remote screen to see exactly what the camera sees.

With remote Wi-Fi you will be able to stop and start recordings from your Smartphone and in addition to remote with Wi-Fi you can move videos or photos from your Smartphone device and download it from the camera without a USB cable. This however means that transferring will be slower then when using a cable.

Do not forget to turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it, as it drains the battery.

Chinavasion has a large section of action cameras include many supporting 4K and 2K resolutions with Wi-Fi connectivity all at great wholesale prices. You can simply visit our action camera category to check out the full range.  Check out more How to guides from Chinavasion to get the full potential from your electronics gadgets.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2016. | 12:04
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  1. Linda May 18, 21:49

    I have a Sports XDV 4k HD action cam. I can’t download my videos. The manual says use app SportLook which doesn’t exist in Apple apps. I got XDV app instead (?). When I select media in the app it only shows my iphone, not ipad (which is connected to wifi btw). it also shows a ‘device’ which has 0 on it. If I switch to the wifi ssid:ACTION CAM and enter the pw I still get no communication to the camera. Please help

  2. Jamed July 14, 22:22

    I am having same problem with xdv j9000
    It connects to my phone but nothing comes through to phone from camera.

  3. John Kelly October 8, 10:11

    So ever time I want to use the camera do I have to go to settings and connect the wifi or can I just tap the app and get connected that way?

  4. Yousef October 13, 23:24

    I bought a used ugo camera. but I need its password

  5. Prince June 14, 21:44

    I bought a used 4k ultra HD action camera that shows 12345 as a password,when trying to connect to my phone it needs 8 digits password.
    How do I resert my password ?

  6. Jialing L October 22, 22:33

    Try use Goplus cam for android user. It works for me

  7. Alex Zhang November 7, 15:24

    Try 12345678

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