Here are Some Winning Entrepreneur Tips

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2016. | 09:27

An entrepreneur is a person who runs their own business and receives the benefits and risks of the business. This person prefers to be his or her own boss and not someone else’s employee. The entrepreneur provides their market with a service or a product.

In the society, an entrepreneur is considered a business leader as well as someone who comes up with new ideas and products. The life of an entrepreneur is not easy but the benefits can overwhelm the challenges. There are many self made business men and women, especially in the fast aced sector of technology and electronic gadgets as well as e-commerce, think  Jack Mar, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs to name just a few.

Even the best entrepreneur needs some guidance along the way and have to exceptional hard to succeed. Here are some tips for young entrepreneurs all over the world to help them reach their goals, they include;

  1. Maintain your vision
  2. Persevere the hard times
  3. Always have a plan but be flexible
  4. Embrace the expertise that you have
  5. Refrain from reinventing the wheel
  6. Take good care of yourself
  7. Strive to leverage
  8. Maintain a great sense of humor


Keep your vision alive

As an entrepreneur, your vision is your biggest asset. It will guide you through the decisions that you want for yourself and your business. In the path of an entrepreneur, things will go wrong very often. However, if you maintain your vision, you will be able to see the opportunities in your challenges.

In the life of an entrepreneur, the course to success can change overnight. It can turn into something that you never even imagined. However, if you maintain your vision, it will always guide you through the new environment such that you will attain the same results or even better results than you thought.

In the path of an entrepreneur, the challenges can get so big that you seem to be in darkness. Businesses can rise and fail overnight due to factors that you can’t control. During these times, all that you have left is your vision. Let it guide and console you until you are back on track.


Maintain the perseverance

Always know that you will need perseverance so as to make it in your life as an entrepreneur. The world is full of people trying to be the next greatest businessperson. As such, you have to outperform your peers. Make it so that you have the most grit and perseverance will help you to achieve this.

There is fear and discomfort in every big decision that an entrepreneur makes. As an entrepreneur, commit yourself to moving forward no matter the challenges that you meet. This spirit of perseverance has been captured in many motion picture films.

Always strive to move forward and never backward. Stay true to yourself and don’t care what the world thinks. Let your heart be in your business and your business in your heart. This is the only way to maintain perseverance in what you do.

Always have a plan

Every business needs to have multiple plans. Don’t worry if each plan is a few pages long. You should have a strategic growth plan as well as an guest post marketing plan. You should use these to map out the important landmarks for your business.

Plans are good since they help you to define the path of your business success. In addition to that, they break the journey of your business into manageable chunks. By achieving these chunks one at a time, you are able to stay motivated.

When you are beginning your business, don’t build a plan that is too complicated and robust. This puts you off and is also quite inaccessible to investors. Have a plan that is simple to understand and that also acts as an instruction manual for you.

Highly detailed plans are rarely flexible and don’t allow you the flexibility to change on the moment. In the life of an entrepreneur anything can change at any time. As such, flexible plans are the best.

Utilize your expertise

If you are good at something without struggling, then you should simply use this skill and make money with it. As your business grows, there are many responsibilities that emerge. Examples of these are accounting, marketing and legal requirements.

Stay focused by delegating the responsibilities that you can’t handle to people who are especially skilled in the respective skills. Hire these responsibilities out or sign contracts so that the responsibilities are handled by other people. This gives you an opportunity to focus on what you do best. It does not pay to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Don’t try to change the current, working business processes

As you begin your business, you will observe your environment and see how your competition is going about their businesses. Don’t try to come up with something brand new from scratch. This will tire you out and cause you to spend time and money that you don’t have to.

As you grow, don’t try to build a brand new system when you can buy one. This saves you time and money. Always try your best to run a lean shop. Hire or buy anything that you can so that you can stay focused on your main task in the business. This saves you from avoidable mistakes.

Avoid burn out as much as possible

This is the most ignored advice by entrepreneurs. Many people seek to build their businesses and forget about their own bodies. Your health is the most important asset in your business. This is because if you fall ill, the whole business takes a big hit.

Make sure that you get enough sleep, spend time with your family and friends and play with your children. If you don’t do this, you will not get an opportunity to relax. This can easily lead to burning out. Make time to relax, for yourself and your business.

Make use of leverage

Also known as life hacks; use your downtime to maximize on your business tasks. If you can, outsource the responsibilities in your business that you can. When you are waiting in lines or in offices, use this time to improve your business. This helps you and your business to move forward faster and further. In the life of an entrepreneur, time is your greatest resource. Invest as much of it as you can.


The biggest businesses in the world were built by entrepreneurs. This shows the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit. Utilize the tips above to grow and make your business a success.

This guest post was written by Jamie Cornshaw, a successful entrepreneur. He has built a web construction business that rivals some of the best in the industry. He is an authority on advice for entrepreneurs as well as SEO.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2016. | 09:27
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  1. Brian Hanson May 18, 13:03

    For such a short article, there are a lot of great tips here.

  2. AP Web Solutions September 1, 22:47

    Perseverance is by far the most important one in the list!

  3. plants vs zombie September 24, 11:51

    For such a short article, there are a lot of great tips here.

  4. Marketing24x7 November 11, 08:15

    Nice article, i agree the burn out is the most important thing.

  5. Switch Lead February 21, 04:01

    All great points here Jamie. It’s sad to but only a small percentage of people try to become entrepreneurs make it. They are the ones who keeps digging and never quiets until they ultimately reach their goal, no matter how hard things get.

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