A Car DVR Buyer’s Guide

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2016. | 16:48


Long gone are the times when dashcams were only seen in police cars – these days, a car DVR is a necessary accessory for any driver. It’s not all about those funny YouTube videos as well – a car DVR is a great safety tool. It can give you needed evidence in case of a traffic accident, double as a camera to take pictures of what has gone down on the road and even help out with parking.

In this post, we take a closer look at how to choose the right car DVR.

Video Quality

Quite obviously, video quality is one of the factors to consider. Just as obviously, the higher the resolution the camera is capable of the better it is. An HD dash cam will give you a clear picture of the road and high-quality videos.

Auto Power On

Look for a dash cam that turns on as soon as you turn your key in the ignition. This will save you lots of trouble and will let you cross “turn on dash cam” off your to-do list. The auto-on function simplifies the process and makes sure the cam will start recording in a timely manner.

Loop Recording

Loop recording, also known as cycle recording, lets your car DVR record over the oldest files when its memory card is full. It’s a great feature to have on board to ensure that the camera won’t stop recording because of memory issues.


Sure, the climate within your vehicle is controlled. However, most camcorders would have a hard time surviving intense outside heat – even if the aircon is on in the car. So, do check the dash cam’s maximum and minimum operating temperatures before making your purchase.


Dash cams that come with G-Sensors are able to “feel” when the car makes a sudden stop or a sharp turn and will make sure that this precise moment makes it onto the recording.

Storage Space

Most DVRs don’t come with lots of storage space. However, extra functions, as well as high video resolution demand more. Keep in mind that 2 minutes of HD video need 100Mb of space.


Having lots of light is always great. However, the IR LED may not be on your top list of priorities, as, typically, your headlights will be on anyway after dark. So, the IR LED is good to have – but the function should not be guiding your decision.

Driver Assistance

Some car DVRs go an extra mile and offer drivers even more with driver assistance systems. This would usually include things like Lane Departure Warning, Front Collision Warning, Front Vehicle Go, Headlight Warning and so on.

Looking for a car DVR? Check them out here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2016. | 16:48
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